NYC's top players in a Round Robin Results!

guys thx for showing up. we will do this again for sure. I’m sure once a month will not hurt

Citiofbras (ho) 10
Li joe (sag) 8 came back from retirement
Chris Hu (ry) 8
Tph itachi (ry) 6
Damdai (ry) 5
Javitz (ba) 5
Aulord (ca) 4
A demon (ak) 3
Liston (sag) 3
Aqua (za) 2
mike inf (se) 1
Rico (ab) 0 he did not call or show…
showing each score:

seb recorded some of the matches:

i will upload the rest here:

so the 5 going up against EMP is pending. it depends on the rules that triforce will use

i hope you guys had fun! i hope you guys enjoyed the food!

Good stuff andy. Honda holding it down with those hands.

Citi of fucking brass! Damn that’s impressive to win (all?) your matches with Honda.

Good shit, everyone. Congratulations to the 5 on 5 placers!

Thanks for the hospitality, Citi. Your place is awesome. I just wish it wasn’t so damned far. :stuck_out_tongue:

Citiofbrass holdin that honda weight!

How are you still a Tea Boss you left us in the cold to enjoy the WC sun :sad::shake:

hmm I didnt know tph itachi was from ny…good shit sir.

thx for the support guys

I am happy you guys had a good time. This round robin looked like the biggest turnout with some good competition. Can’t wait to see some of the video footage.