Nypwnd Tournament Video



We wanted to work with arturo after the Tournament, not only to “make things right”,
but in-regard to his future cooperation by incorporating his feedback about the Tournament, in hope of make the next event that much better.

And when we spoke with him at the end of that day, he agreed and said he wanted to be involved with the next event.

Unfortunately he never let that happen.
One day after the event, He made a highly unfavorable post on this Forum.
We have never attempted to contact arturo since.

And with all that being said, we actually do plan on making contact soon,

“to make things right”





grabs popcorn


lolz that about sums it up

from what he wrote, he had every reason to be pretty pissed, but hey, props to you guys for trying to “make things right” after all this time. No sarcasm


lets be real.

um actually it shows him to be a bit hippocratic-al, he said one thing to us (and on cam) then posted something entirely different.


“hippocratic-al”? HA


Who cares? He probably bit his tongue and didnt want to make a scene. And it took you this long to post it? No thanks


triforce, be careful with the legal allegations and pursuing this. It will cost you a lot more than 500, and it is seriously not worth it, with the time you will spend in court and the stress of just generally dealing with a law suit.

NYPWND, you know straight up that you saying 500 to the winner was not right. Oh, well it depends on entrants, right? Then why even list 500, that seems kind of abstract. Why not put 50000000? they could get that, if enough entrants showed up, which you forgot to mention until he walked in the door. What you did was pick a feasible amount and ran with it, then tried to play your shit off at the last moment.

Lol at the video you showed, as if that means anything. Do you know logical fallacies are? Look them up. Your argument is RIFE with them.

Don’t respond until you can at least put a respectable, coherent argument up.


Nice halo video BTW


that was prob before you told him this:

“So, they announce me on the mic and say “congrats on winning the sf4 tourney” and then announces on the mic that I get 180 for first…im like lol, is this some kind of joke? Then the tourney organizer tries to tell me that only 12 people entered, and I explained to him that I played against 8 people in the bracket, in a 12 man tourney? LOL. Then hes like “i dont know what kind of logic youre going by but the money didnt add up, there wasnt enough entrants…” this was with several buybacks too. Then he’s like, “we have rent to pay” and im like dude…how the fuck do you announce a $500 tourney, and odnt deliver, and then cry to me about your rent and expenses? WTF is this shit? Don’t announce theres a $500 pot, then put a liability clause in the fine print allowing you to wiggle out when the shit hits the fan, then be so ambigious in your responses about the money. Then they wonder why more people didnt come…lol.”-Sabin

either way who cares stick to halo they seemed to like it. no1 from srk or that plays sf4 is gonna bother with you. sorry your gonna miss out on the ssf4 cash cow coming soon


Mike Infinite has just been promoted to the Console Warzone spokesperson. In Mike we trust.



:nono:walked in the door? we posted the disclaimer on our website TWO months before the the event.

We had the disclaimer in place to protect ourselves, not to take advantage of anyone.

but from the tome of your comment, your probably blame us for not him not reading something that HE signed.

you wanted a valid argument…

let me get this straight…

Im wrong for legally protecting myself and my business from and unknown, unpredictable, outcome and turnout with a disclaimer.

but he’s right for signing a legal document that he did not read?

always, ALWAYS read something before you sign it, and if you don’t like what you read
don’t sign it.

Arturo had the option not to sign and not participate. he chose other wise.


In the end you’re the ones who got “PWND” cause no serious SF player is going to be going to your tournaments anyway. And there are a million other places that host, so it’s not like they’re losing anything.


wow is this really the owner posting? what kind of businessman would antagonize people in the community they’re trying to court instead of shutting up until having the opportunity to talk with arturo.


Actually your website didn’t have anything on it. I almost went to this tourney myself and not only did you not post on your site about it only being 500 is there is enough, which I don’t even see why you would put up a payout if its dependent on entries, but you also had posted info about your tourney in a thread about a LI tournament that I was running and nowhere did it say anything about the prize being dependent on entrants.

you should have said “Gee… We fucked up. We’re really sorry. It wont happen again” and then show that your serious about making things right by paying Arturo. But we didn’t even get a " we fucked up. sorry" we got a “We know things weren’t ideal. But you guys are wrong.” Ideal? Ideal? are you fucking kidding me? Listing a payout and then not paying close to that is beyond being not ideal.

You guys can keep posting your tourneys. And maybe some people will come. But you can believe that every time you post about your tourney I’m going to post this link http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=197094.


You didn’t have it on your site. Stick to drawing in faggot looking 14 year olds playing Halo for your bullshit tournies.


sorry your wrong

um yea we did, thats why allot of those 14 year olds came with the disclaimer printed out signed by their parents.:razz:


“sorry your wrong”

no no YOUR wrong…:rofl:

PS: I hate fagggot looking halo playing kids :tdown:




Fact is. its over. NYPWND isn’t going to get anything from our community unless they pay art what hes owed. and even then chances are nobody is going to go.


Tough luck Nypwned. You screwed Arturo over, the fighting community here has lost faith in you. Go back where you came from and start hosting Smash tournaments or something.