NY's Weekend Warriors: The Web2Zone Meetup Thread!

Hey all, making this thread at the request of Alexstrife.
In case you all didn’t know, web2zone has $10 All Night Console Fridays, which means you get to play 8 hours straight, from 5pm-1am, with other players from all the corners of the NY FG Community! Pretty cool, I’d say.
The games featured are limitless, but you will usually see Alpha, 3rd Strike, Smash, and Guilty Gear Slash. You are, of course, encouraged to bring your own controller with you(if you got space in your bag, your console as well).
Post up and get some money matches started! BET ITTTTT

Here’s the DIRECTIONS in case people are too lazy to check the main site.

Ah finally this thread’s been created. Might as well add some basic information:

Web2Zone is located @
54 Cooper Square
New York, NY 10003

You can take the 6 Train to Astor Place, and its only about half a block away from the station. There’s some other trains n’ shit you could take there, but you have mapquest for that.

As stated before: Fridays are casual nights. $10 for all the console gaming you want from 5pm to 1am.

Last night was fun. We had a mini 3rd Strike tourny (let’s hope these get bigger) with Hold Dat on a rampage (with a ps2 pad!). Next week I hope everyone cough cough brings their proper controllers so we hear no complaints.


Hold Dat (AL) vs Flash G (YA)
Hold Dat (AL) vs Flash G (RY)
Hold Dat (KE) vs Flash G (RY) 01
Hold Dat (KE) vs Flash G (RY) 02

From the Mini Tournament
Alex Lexus (CH) vs Hold Dat (KE)

Hold Dat (KE) vs Flash G (KE)
Hold Dat (KE) vs Flash G (AK) 01
Hold Dat (KE) vs Flash G (AK) 02

Project Justice (RY) vs Maxbrova (IB)
Project Justice (RY) vs Maxbrova (AL) 01
Project Justice (RY) vs Maxbrova (AL) 02

Project Justice (RY) vs Hold Dat (KE) 01
Project Justice (RY) vs Hold Dat (KE) 02

Hold Dat (KE) vs Maxbrova (AL) <–Oops, accidentally named it Ibuki :sweat:

Hold Dat (Ken) vs Capcom Killah (Ryu) 01
Hold Dat (Ken) vs Capcom Killah (Ryu) 02

Good vids, dude.

ya i had a lot of fun that night…

getting owned in slash was actually fun too…i want to learn that game sooo bad now.

Symphony you got a new rival in me. lol


lol wtf, someone actually WANTS to play slash now? holeeee shit

Banned!!: Is there any chance you’re willing to tape some GGS matches this weekend? I’d love you till the stars die out.
Also, anyone interested in a winner-take-all GG tournament? or is it too soon yet?

^oh you were talking to me. I’ll record any matches you guys want.

PS i put BANNED there because i was banned from XBL.

Ok. I think people will be interested in a mini tourney for GG, so I’m spreading the word.

if you have a mini tourney for GG, when will that be?

Between 8pm and 9pm, probably.


LOL I did awful.
Next time I’m bringing da heat … philips mas stick.

Looks like you scrubs were having fun. :lol: Representing XBL and all that good ish. I dunno about using HDTV’s for 3S though. That shit causes lag in your inputs. Screen doesn’t refresh correctly. Hold Dat…good shit holding it down with Alex and Ken. Don’t let them punks tell you that Alex is trash. Alex is the king of holdin shit.

Nice matches with PJ and Maxbrova. PJ…your Ryu is getting up there. Still…I wouldn’t use Denjin against Ibuki. That’s useless against an Ibuki player that knows what they’re doing. Maxbrova obviously doesn’t know that df+MK slide goes under Denjin clean on wake up. You can even parry the first hit and slide under the rest. Plus Ibuki can also EX rdp+K over it if you don’t time it extra meaty. Maxbrova could have easily turned shit around. You could have won those matches without Denjin any wyas. Ibuki takes damage too quickly to worry about using Denjin on her and you’ll need those EX fireballs to space out a good Ibuki player. Well…if Maxbrova never learns the trick to escaping Denjin then I guess you can get away with it. :lol:

Oh and boo Hold Dat for fucking up that dizzy against PJ and getting yourself a double KO. :razz:

Revives dead topic

Do you guys still play on Fridays? Cuz if you do, I’d like to come. All I need to bring is me stick, right?

its not dead…we’re just using the original topic…check my sig

Oh, okay. But you still play on Fridays, right? >_>