Nything worth using in an X arcade machine?

It’s pretty old, and because I just got an order in from Lizard lick I need some additional parts like wires and a start and select button. Should I just rip this stuff out of my x arcade?

For what you describe I don’t see a problem with that.

As an owner of an X-Arcade, gut it out. Replace ALL buttons and stick(s). Try to replace the board also, if its not too much of a hassle. They are built with cheap knockoff parts and the board has a little lag. But the good part is that the case is sturdy and heavy and the holes are the right sizes for Happ/IL parts.

I have heard the x arcade pcb does not lag on PC only consoles.

I had an older style X-Arcade which connected through the PS/2 (keyboard) port. I dont remember it lagging on the PC, either that or it did and I didn’t notice. I didn’t play fighters seriously enough to notice input lag back then. I believe the X-Arcades now come with USB connection for the PC.

These connections are all connected through a proprietary D-sub serial? connection then to the final connection.

I still use an old Xarcade solo that has iL/Happ parts. And there is no lag when connected straight to a computer thru the PS/2 port. No lag thru my docking station either. Though it is a piece of shit on all consoles.

I have one of the original 2 player X-arcade with the old PCB. The original PCB was really a keyboard emulator (ps2 keyboard actually) so if connected via PS2 to a PC it has no lag. Attached to any CONSOLE, then it was lag galore to a point you just can’t use them for any twitch games (fighter, shmups, FPS).

Recently I gutted my X-arcade 2 player box and mod it with dual PCBs (PSX on 1 side, 360 on the other, the 2 player stick was too narrow really for 2 players comfortably anyways) custom with All Happ Comp Buttons and 2 Sanwa JLW (JLFs won’t fit without much mods) joysticks. I love my new mod. It is totally lagless now with all consoles (PSX + lagless adatoprs for DC, PS3, Xbox, Gamecube and xbox360 + PC). I forgo the 2 player option but now I have a true multi-system joysticks with no lag in keeping with X arcade’s original intention but executed properly!

PS. Sanwa JLW sticks are in my opinion better than the JLF series (I have both of them). The springs are much tighter on JLW than the JLF. Tighter spring has a better feel.

the xarcade was ok but the parts are horrible. thats why i just bought a few hraps.

By X-arcade machine you mean a cab? If you are using mame you could use the X-arcade board for your admin controls like pause, exit, menu, etc, and re-use the buttons for those functions.

hey all just wondering.

i like faux123 idea of modding it. How do you mod the stick to use psx pcb and x360 pcb i know that if you rewire it to the pcb it will become laggless. my question is when you connect the x-arcade controller to the psx/ps2/ps3 does it recognize both controller or just 1 player on your 2 player x-arcade. what laggless adapter did you use to get it to work without the lag.