[NZSFC] makoto combos



[NZSFC] makoto combo videos



They’re not bad. I forgot that the jab would make it so that the Short kick wouldn’t touch Ken. Pretty inventive there.


what the hell can i play these files with?


real player…


lolz iam stupid

good combos


hahah good stuff. :slight_smile:


nice stuff, funky resets even if they waste lots of meter
I liked the 7 hit a lot


i love the 7 hit one too
i’ve actually did it once in actual casual match when my friend was fooling around with makoto’s bug


Nice! :tup:


Hey, would it be possible to link Strong -> Fierce? You just might be able to go Strong -> Fierce -> SA2 with Makoto vs Makoto. =D But then you might have to get really inventive with the dashing. Heh.


I heard you could link strong -> fierce on wake up or something… Is this true? Ive never gotten it to work.


that works if its a meaty strong

um… i dunno give it a shot


i tried to link strong -> fierce before but it’s just seems impossible
it might required the mp to be REALLY meaty…
i’m happy that u guys enjoyed the videos
once i merge all the others into one video i will post it out here


See, that is what I heard but never got it to link. :\


What’s her bug?


That’s some totally dope shit. Very nice job. Keep up the good work.


N+6: If makoto does her neutral throw and doesnt move after it she’s invincible for a second or so, thats why the other makoto was able to link mp, c.cmk =)


are you kara cancellin those uppercut things?


yea he did a lk right before the first fukage and i think just dashed for the others. i tried that shit and the timing for the kara fukage is fard as hell.


Where is this video so i can download it.