O chars, and costumes


Original character versions:
Press Jab to select a character, then enter one of the following codes that correspond to that person. Then, press Jab while the airplane is flying towards to top of the screen. A sound will confirm correct code entry and their portrait will change to their original version. Note: The original characters cannot use super combos and cannot reduce throw damage.

Bison: Press Down, Up(2), Down.
Cammy: Press Up(2), Down(2).
Chun-li: Press Down(3), Up.
Dee Jay: Press Down(2), Up(2).
Dhalsim: Press Down, Up(3).
Fei Long: Press Left(2), Right(2).
Guile: Press Up, Down(3).
Honda: Press Up(3), Down.
Ken: Press Left(3), Right.
Ryu: Press Right(3), Left.
Sagat: Press Up, Down(2), Up.
T. Hawk: Press Right(2), Left(2).
Vega: Press Left, Right(2), Left. 

Alternate costumes:
Highlight a character, then press any Punch or Kick followed by Fierce + Jab + Forward to select that fighter.

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