O.J Simpson has been granted parole - he'll be out by October (at the earliest)


Yup, lol. I knew the judges are human too and make costly mistakes advocates were coming. I shouldn’t have to point this out. Yes, judges are not perfect but they are better informed and apply the law better than me or you. I would rather trust someone who is informed on the law to make a fair decision than someone who is not. You see your line of reasoning plays into what our system looks like now.


(Yeah, going to a judges-only system might lessen the problems currently inherent the system otherwise, but it’s really only a lesser evil if the other problems are also fixed. Otherwise, it might things even worse, especially given how corrupt some American judges currently are.

Still, it would be nice to get rid of jury duty given what a gods damned unfunny joke it is though. At the very least, you would definitely have to make judge elections radically different from how they currently are here though, where it’s usually just one person always running against no one else.)

I am…confused as to why I can’t compare the American justice system to ones in “developing countries” in general given how interconnected the world is nowadays, @MarcOfTheBeast. For the record, I never was including The Taliban since they’re not legitimate country; you’re the one who brought them up.

If we’re comparing the American justice system to just the “developed countries” around the world, then, yeah, I’m pretty sure we’re down there. I don’t know what else to bother to try to saying given the fact that even if I did have a completely enlightened response that totally convinced you personally, it would still be useless given I would have no power to get it implemented. This in addition to the fact that both you and I as well as pretty much everyone here, even the non-Americans, already know of the various problems in the justice system that exist, in part because the majority of the American public and the even more useless Congress generally refuse to believe they persist.


Ugh. Pass the brain bleach please.


@The Damned Solid points, maybe I should have specified that our justice needs a complete overhaul in order for this system to work. I agree with you electing judges is mostly bullshit. That’s why judges should be appointed rather than elected. Our prison system would also need an overhaul. Also on that list are police departments, this is too long of a laundry list of what needs to be changed.


Yeah, we can rather agree on that. Both the justice system and policing system in America need massive overhauls. The prison system too if we’re counting that separately from the justice system, especially since the American prison system has increasingly become for-profit. Everyone who isn’t willfully blind knows that already though.

Too bad that’s not going to happen any time soon especially given who is unfortunately in power. That’s beyond the scope of this thread though, even if there’s really not much else to say about the entire OJ affair at present.


What developed country has a better justice system? And why? This isnt a rhetorical question, I’m just asking what other countries have better justice systems in people’s minds. I’ve heard of some that have good policies but can’t remember who, and I don’t know if those policies are actually effective at stopping crime/punishing or rehabilitating prisoners.

The American prison system needs a MAJOR overhaul though. First thing that needs to be assessed is if the prisoner is a candidate for rehabilitation. We really need to stop the for profit shit and we need our prisons to no longer be gladiator schools. Incentives like more conjugal visits (many more) for actual good behavior, like being of help instead of just staying out of trouble. Etc.


i dont get it.
explain the connection.



And in case you need further clarification, Dave Chappelle told 4 semi-unflattering stories about meeting OJ in the first of those two specials he dropped at Netflix earlier this year.


What about Casey Anthony? Everyone hates her, whites too. People don’t like when someone is clearly guilty of murder and gets away with it. It doesn’t matter what color they are.

This is not taking police encounters into account. I see a lot of people blindly defend the cops. That’s a different topic though.

One really fucked up case was the Korean woman who got off with probation after shooting a black girl in the back of the head. The video clearly showed the girl was leaving when she did it.


Latasha harlins if I remember correctly. She didn’t deserve what she got, but she wasn’t innocent either. She beat/assaulted that Korean woman before attempting to leave iirc.

I think the Korean chick caught her stealing something and then an altercation occurred, but I’m going off of 30 year old memory here so… yeah.


That’s her. Yeah, I get that she wasn’t innocent. I saw the video of what she was doing. The problem imo was that the altercation was basically over and she was leaving when the woman shot her in the back of the head. That seems more like revenge than self defense imo. Still they managed to convince the Jury that she must have still been in danger but then why even give probation if she was innocent?


Everyone hates her cause she’s a simple THOT who took things for granted and killed her daughter.


And got away with it.

People would probably hate OJ just as much if it was his kids that he killed. I’m just saying people are way too focused on the racial aspect of things. I can understand why though considering all the shit that was going on in the 90’s.


Casey Anthony had enough brains to completely disappear after her trial (till that interview she did a while back), so the hate in her case pretty much vanished.


Does OJ have any assets that the Goldman’s can come after once he’s released?


It wasn’t because she was smart, it was because there were legitimate threats made on her life and the authorities moved her to an undisclosed neighborhood with housing paid with our taxpayer money. Because even an infanticidal white woman is still a white woman.


we are in the same position.