O shit FFA SF3: 3rd Strike 2 on 2 7/14/07 MADNESS!

Yes as you know Dark Prince is a fan of the Parry even though I don’t play 3s I watch that shit…so its goin down!!! Hmmmm my memory is a bit faded on 3s 2 on 2 rules. So ummmmm shogo or someone will post the rules. I don’t want to see blocking…just lots and lots of parry. Even if you don’t need to PARRY!!!

Edit: Location:
Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419


someone post the rules already…

Is this shit even sanctioned by FFA.

:rofl: I’m down. Let me know if anyone wants to team up.

marvel and 3s 2 on 2? crazy, im in. we got this amir!!

pyro and I are taking it…ez

FFA has to stamp a certain piece of paper?

I remember shogo saying just to run it by him and it’ll be ok. There isno initiation ritual for that. dood.

I was talking about who was going to fix the sticks if they break.

Blah blah blah…so is it going down this weekend or not?

yes, it’s goin down don’t pay attention to anyone thats not in charge…I’m in charge and a tech will be on hand to handle the sticks for marvel and 3s.

What time?

… This is the first I’ve heard of this. I won’t be around since I’m running a Melty Blood tournament at Interface the same night.

Also, you’re in charge my ass. Without Shogo or myself supervising the tournament, you’ll be running your tournaments on machines without event mode on (probably) broken sticks and buttons. If anyone non-FFA staff attempts to mess with hardware, I will personally slap the little evil flowers out of your evil little heads.

Since there does seem to be demand for a tournament, I’ll run it by Shogo to see if he’s willing to help out with a tournament this Saturday, but if he can’t do it, then you’re on your own.

let us know ASAP. Thanks Arlieth

lay down the smackdown, Tom!

lol…are you serious…I told shogo about this a long time ago and you can ask him yourself. As far as you slapping me…nigga I’ll beat the living shit out of your skinny ass and won’t think twice about it.

I’ll bring it up with Shogo then.

PS: Nigga please~

Holy Shit.
MMMmmMMonster Kill!

Arlieth still didn’t say he wasn’t allowed to run it. He just said he wasn’t helping.
double kill.

killa kai v2, you wanna team up with me if neiman cant make it?