Oakland,Ca June 19th, 2010 ssf4 (BAY AREA/ EAST BAY)

Want to compete and give back to the community? By competing you’ll be giving kids a chance to get involved in sports and win a cash prize.
Super Street Fighter 4 will be played on Playstation 3 platform, I will provide one Fight Stick and one controller players may bring their own fight sticks and controller. There will be an entry fee of $15. We appreciate any donations for the tournament.

Thank you for checking this out,

More Info
Date: Saturday June 19th, 2010
Time: 1:30 pm - 3:30

Rules: -Best out of 5 rounds, double elimination.(winners/losers bracket)
-Losers may change character but winner sticks with winning character.
-Ultras can be changed after a loss or win

Register now or at the door San Antonio Recreation Center 1701 East 19th street Oakland, Ca 94606 (Look for a driveway along the sidewalk)

Entry Fee: Free

510-712-8698 (Cell)
510-535-5608 (Work)
sangh83@yahoo.com (email)

ill be there

Sunday is the 20th; or is this on a Saturday?

Sounds fun, I’ll be there!


how many people have alrdy registered?

50% of pot only? The standard is 70 20 10 for 1st 2nd n 3rd…and why wasnt this posted in the Pac North Section?

Is This For a charity or something since it is at the rec center? Or where is the other bit of cash going?

The rest of the money is going to charity yes

yeah i know i was also thinking about that.
This time it’ll be 50% pot

i think i played you before my psn is hyphykills

i think i played you before online my sn is hyphykills

if i don’t get a good amount of people ill do a free tournament with some prizes