(Oakland, CA) UMvC3 Tounament Laney College 4th Floor (Mar. 16)

[LEFT]When: March 16, 2012 from 3:00PM - 8:00PM[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Players will need to come at 3:00PM to register[/LEFT]
[LEFT]We will start the tournament around 4:00PM[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Where: Laney’s 4th floor of the Student Center[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tournament will be played on Xbox360[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Tournament Fee: $5[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Pay out:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-$3 will go directly to the pot[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-$2 will go to the club[/LEFT]
[LEFT]First Prize :[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-70% of Pot[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Second Prize :[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-30% of Pot[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Third Prize :[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Free Entry to the next tournament[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-A match consists of: 2 out of 3 rounds per game.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-2 out of 3 games for a match set in pools and semis.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Grand finals consist of 3 out of 5 games.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-After a game has concluded, winner must stick with same char/team for the next game.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Loser has option of switching char/team and also taking player side of choice.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Programmable controls are banned. Button macros (e.g. 1 button to perform 3 punches at once) are allowed.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Turbo button features are NOT allowed.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Pausing a game will result in forfeit of that round unless the opponent chooses to waive this option.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]-Tournament is double elimination.[/LEFT]

2011? Is 4 gonna be the latest to register and hows the parking around the place?

LOL thanks for pointing that out. friday parking in the parking lot SHOULD be okay (have to pay for parking in the parking lot). if there are no spots available, there is meter street parking.

what games?.. I hope mvc3

Yea umvc3. We have the venue til around 9.

If anyone else is coming, let me know.

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I can delay the tournament a bit for u guys. Right now, seems like the tournament will bomb.

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everyone in the area should show up… 1 week till ncr … get that new tech out

So we dont have enough for a full tournament. We’re running casuals till 9.

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I’m planning to run a 2v2 SFxTK tournament in the near future if anyone is interested. 2v2 SFxT tournament seems to be pretty hype at the moment.

fuck that noise … umvc3 kof13