Oakland SSF4 Practice Space


Hey all. So I’m a Dictator player and am currently living in Oakland, CA. I moved from South Korea where I was living when vanilla and then Super came out so I’m looking to meet up with some Cali competition and getting my game back up and polished.

The living situation is such so that I can have people over for training/practice sessions at all hours of the day, especially late at night.

So since I’m able to host, I’m looking to have get togethers weekly or bi-weekly, or whenever. The place is chill, beer, snacks etc. and I’ve got multiple sticks and have both Xbox and PS3 versions on a relatively lag free 36" flat screen. We also have a regular large TV if you’re a cathode ray only player.

So send me a PM or reply in the thread and I’ll send you one and we can exchange numbers and setup some sessions.

Hit me up!


Think you may be in the wrong section. This is the PacnW forum and so it’s mostly WA and OR people.

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PacNorth would actually be a better fit for this topic:

Pacific North: Discussion & Matchmaking

I’m interested in this. :bgrin:


oh whoops. thanks a lot. i’ll get the thread deleted.