Oakland SSF4 Practice Space

Hey all. So I’m a Dictator player and am currently living in Oakland, CA. I moved from South Korea where I was living when vanilla and then Super came out so I’m looking to meet up with some Cali competition and getting my game back up and polished.

The living situation is such so that I can have people over for training/practice sessions at all hours of the day, especially late at night.

So since I'm able to host, I'm looking to have get togethers weekly or bi-weekly, or whenever. The place is chill, beer, snacks etc. and I've got multiple sticks and have both Xbox and PS3 versions on a relatively lag free 36" flat screen. We also have a regular large TV if you're a cathode ray only player.

So send me a PM or reply in the thread and I'll send you one and we can exchange numbers and setup some sessions.

Hit me up!

I’ll bite. People all over the bay probably will too. Oakland is pretty central to spots that need more competition.

When are you thinking of hosting the first session?

And is your neighborhood fairly safe to park in? My truck got broken into when I was parked around the Cannery :annoy:

I’m interested too.

Since I’d most likely take BART to/fro, I’m also interested in how nice/secure your neighborhood is. :bgrin:

I am in for this

Where in the town are u located? n Which days r u lookin to host?

yeah I’d like to know where is your neighborhood too.

what days? i’m in oakland pretty often as well.

Hey guys, I’m going to talk to my housemates about their work schedules. Oftentimes, the night is the best time to play!

Next door is a canning factory and to the other side is a really awesome family. So noise is not an issue. We’re at the Emeryville Oakland border at the way end of West MacArthur. My friend has had his car broken into before. It’s certainly NOT the worst of oakland and there’s sufficient street parking. If you don’t have a radio in your car that says ‘STEAL ME PLEASE’ all over it, you SHOULD be ok. But this is the bay and this is Oakland and it’s just something I personally can’t guarantee. One thing is certain, you might get bugged by a crackhead for a cigarette, but that’s the most violence you’ll have to deal with if youre here. Your car/radio on the other hand, who knows.

Also, let me preface this by saying that this is a PUNK house as in a bunch of gross punk kids live here including me. So if having a bunch of beers around isn’t your thing, then you might not want to play here. (We are 024/beer friendly)

So after that, if youre still interested I’ll set up an actual date, but before I want to know what ur schedules are like. Are nights bad, weekends or weekdays better, etc.

Once I can get that info then we can setup a time for our first session.

We have 2 Xbox360’s and one PS3 and I’ve got about 2 or 3 fightsticks for xbox and a vewlix hori stick for PS3 (ooo la laaa). So if most of you guys are PS3 dudes, at least one of you will have to bring a stick.

Lastly. I have an extra HD monitor we can use for separate games. We can have four people playing at a time theoretically since we have a total of three systems. Furthermore, if we wanted to use our third cathode ray TV, we can have six players with three games happening at once.



Thursdays or Fridays would be good for me as the other days of the week i got other sessions to attend haha

Weekdays, or more specifically, Tue/Wed/Thur nights are fine with me.