Obama and Snookigate

Obama Flip-Flops: Does He Know Who Snooki Is, Or Not?

What do you guys think? I think he had sexual relations with Snooki and this is a massive coverup. They should impeach him right now

Also, I thought people voted for Obama because he was a PResident they could see themselves having a beer with. So do you guys have beers with people who are fans of The View and don’t know who Snooki is?

The First Lady can’t be expected to do anal. A man has needs.

This is an example of what they call Executive Privilege.

who the fuck is snooki

Your future wife.

Fuck that shit, MY future wife

My friend looks and acts like Snooki, tanning, hair poof and all

Snookie is mad at Obama.


Hook it up

that tax is racist, dawg. that tax should be called the being white tax cause it mostly affects white people. Obama is is trying to take the T out of GTL. what a h8er. :nono:

too bad i’m 6’4" and she’s Snooki sized. lol

Niggas is really fighting over McCains sloppy seconds?

I didnt say you hook up with her, Im sayin hook a brotha up

oh lol will do!

I think this just proves he reads what is put in front of him. :coffee: