donno if any1 made this thread but yes Obama was there at ceasers almost costing those who stayed in differnt tellys to panic thinking they were gonna miss there 1st match! i didnt get no pics or vids since i was across the street waiting for 30mins to rush in but does any1 know why he was there? HDR? Super? or just to get a good last look at dat mahvel!

He is black so obviously he was playing marvel.

But seriously, he gave a speech at Aria to help campaign for someone running for office in Nevada.

he plays blackheart…

yea man. i was on my way to caesars from the airport on a taxi, just as im the first car about to turn into caesars, cops blocked off the road for 30 freakin minutes. it was 8:55am at that point and i just got off and rushed to EVO so i wouldnt miss my match. Was he @ Vegas for EVO?

Dont be stupid…

Air Force One in Kansas city delayed my flight hella and caused me massive problems

man fuck that, you know he totally runs MSP

are you sure he doesn’t play santhrax?

I heard he was on the 36th floor of the Bellagio across the street…which is one floor above me and my friend’s room!

Thats awesome though, i didn’t think he showed up for EVO but…man…<3 awesome

I heard he was cosplaying as dudley.

Get it, because everyone thought he was going to be good but then he’s just shit like everyone else.

wait which one was I talking about?

I see what you did there :nono:… :rofl:

i would have let him sign my stick instead of daigo… would have you? even tho it wouldnt have ment shit

Team Scrub, bet it.

Obama is the best Balrog on the east coast.

Obama was there for Melty Blood. Obviously.

He came to play “The President” Sanford Kelly in an mvc2 money match for 8 trillion in taxpayer debt.


Yeah, our cab driver mentioned he was in Vegas on our way to Caesar’s. He was there for a conference or something. I did see Shaq at the bell desk though, he was checking in for some hot dog eating contest that was taking place there.

Paper, I had to read that one twice. Awesome.

Obama got my plane delayed to vegas were not friends now.