“Obama” Constitutional Presidential eligibility hearings. Jan 26th

PDF of Obamas Kenyan Birth Certificate (Alleged)

People still talk about this stupid stuff? Wow. Wonder if this constitutes as advertising and can be deleted.

… congratulations?

I love how the title has “Obama” in quotes. I read it as “If that even is his REAL name…” and lol’d.
Birth Certificate issue is still alive? Barack needs to learn that double tap.

well its going to be live streamed tomorrow 9am et so maybe it will stir something up?


I wonder if the Battlefield 3 thread can be advertising for EA.

You dumb shit

RGK knows “what is really going on.”


Hahahahaha these people have too much time and money to blow.

Man, white people are still pissed about a black prez? get over it. you got 4 more years.

can we erase this thread from this history of all things?

I’m surprised this is even an issue, or ever was.

At the same time, I’m not.

Is the OP a bot? I mean, people can’t really say stupid shit like this these days…right?

Lolllllllllll, they made his middle name “Hussein” AND they picked the most hyper-stereotypical country in all of Africa.

Way to kill one bird with two stones, hahaha. Two independently great tastes that taste amaaaazing together!!!

I didn’t watch. I honestly don’t care what he has to say nor what his people have written up for him.

The only things that matter are his actions and he has done more damage to the American citizen than any terrorist in US history. Obama to the US was like a nuclear bomb to Japan.

republicans invented trolling clearly.

lol you’re such a fucking failure at life

You’re only exposing your own stupidity with your response.

This is dumber and less funny than a Rugalitarian flame.

Is anyone else unsurprised that Georgia wants to remove him from the ballot?



I mean seriously. This shit is like Jim Crow laws, but instead of denying the right to vote, they want to deny him the right to run for office.

Stupid and pointless…

Actually, I’m surprised. Georgia has the fourth highest black population in the country, and is tied with Maryland for the fourth highest population percentage.

In fact, it’s generally surprising to me that the states that people regard as being the most racist have the highest percentages of black people living there. I guess people just like bitching about what’s in front of them. Never saw the point, really. I’ve never cared about the color of a person’s skin, but rather how individuals act.