Obama Executive Order March 16th

can we get a tldr version for us lazy arses? pretty please?


I love when people barely comprehend an article they read, then post a fucking entire thread to that article, with zero insight, input, thoughts, or even explanation.


Thread’s going well so far.

NO PROBLEM SRK, you fucking ignorant Americans too lazy to read your own Presidential Executive Orders.

I believe this is the money shot.

TLDR - The US government can take your shit if it deems it necessary for the purposes of national defense.

Oh, and this is interesting too…

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this bit means that the government is allowed to sell or give its stuff away to private companies, ie. the stuff that they seized from you earlier for the purposes of national defense.

I think pretty much this means that they can enact martial law during peacetime now, for the purposes of “preparedness.” Lovely political word.

This is just my interpretation though from a quick skim through, plus I am Canadian, so what do I know.

I hope they go after gang bangers/ criminals and take their weed then sell it to me

I already saw the Alex Jones vid about this…scary stuff.

So will this order bypass SOPA and PIPA? Because reading what carpet lint highlighted it seems pretty powerful.

alex jones, now there is a reliable source.

When he isn’t fronting on the NWO, his websites are pretty much a tumblr for shit that doesn’t get reported on the bigger outlets or that gets reported and buried. No, I don’t visit often but I do keep tabs just to try and keep track of the things he says and if they come true.

Lol at people getting mad over this one, Bush made so many funny ass executive orders, hell a lot of executive orders are just hilarious.

It seems to me it delegates presidential powers to a number of Secretaries/Directors to control procurement, production, and distribution of just about anything and everything in the name of national defense, to take over private facilities as needed in the process of doing the aforementioned, and allows them to procure their own loans and funding to do so.

Am I reading this wrong?

This part stood out:

I don’t think Americans are like Nazis, there’s a limit to how much evil humans can be forced to do.

I love how much power and money is allotted to National Defense but we can’t give our soldiers Body Armor or completely fortified Hummers. Why are there Aeronautic contracts to begin with? We have had complete Air Superiority for the last 20 years.

You think you have. Just like America thought it was ahead of everyone back in the day and then Russia sent out Sputnik. Russia and China are far ahead of the US. Russia and China have both hacked into our satellites with ease as an example. Iran manipulating GPS coordinates to force the US drone to land where they wanted is just a kid’s game compared to what Russia and China can do in response to our “air superiority.”

The US is so weak currently in the computer security field and it’s almost impossible for the government to get someone they can trust with actual skill because most Americans no longer believe in the country they live in. When you have such a large divide between the people, government, businesses, etc, a collapse is usually not too far away. The way I see it, the government is only making things worse and worse and businesses know that the dollar is more important to them than anything close to ethics/morals.

Here, China and Russia are also superior to the USA too

Don’t worry, we’re running express now, bypassing all stops on the way to failure and collapse, and we’ll pass China and Russia soon enough.

I seems like every other day there is some new bill/act being passed that just suppresses us as a people. Some scary times we are living in, and I am sure a lot of us (the common American people) are oblivious to it all.

Damn I am frustrated with the American public and their indifference to being controlled.

i’m far more disturbed by this for a different reason. see i’m a reasonable guy who sees the truth about america–it’s a country that has the best of intentions 97% of the time, but isn’t always completely tactful in implementing those intentions. yes, i went to college, where approx. half of all students think the moon landing was fake, 9/11 was an inside job and that we’re all secretly living in 1984 and only they have the intelligence to figure this all out on their own (as they smoke weed, download porn, turn down jobs to play video games, and skip classes to jerk off) so i know the mindset of american youth.

and i know its ridiculous.

so whereas too many of you see this as darth obama getting ready to kill liberty with thunderous applause, i see a president setting up a war preparation program in the face of escalating tension with iran. in other words, our government has the insiders track on our enemies and their current response is to quietly establish a course of action for a large scale war. that disturbs me greatly.

you nwo guys can get in the alex jones circle jerk and keep moaning about illuminati microchips hidden in plasma tvs, im far more worried that our government thinks war is not only on the table, but a REAL war is on the table.