Obama Executive Order March 16th

It’s because these bills are written so complicatedly that you’d need Harvard degrees before you can even start to understand what these are saying. Because if it was written in a way we common folk could understand, we’d have all the politicians and corporate CEO’s, and Wall Street bankers head’s on a silver platter.

not so true. we just had air games with India who uses migs and rafaeles (sp) and it turns out that the semi outdated f16 wasn’t as “superior” as they thought/hoped. and are the f22 still grounded? and aren’t the f35 still in production?

didn’t china reverse engineer a f22 in about 3 years and are in trial flights before mass production?

i think we may be barking a bit too loud on this one.

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The quote was from a Canadian btw.

I guess the statement wouldn’t apply to them then. That is what I would infer from that.

or pretty much telling Canada to stop making the Avro Arrow, or they would not help us in any militaristic way, make us destroy all but the prototype, then steal it for themselves later.

interesting story about that. My exgf’s dad owns a huge amount of farmland. And his neighbour was one of the engineers behind the Avro Arrow. One day while working in his fields, he found bits of scrap metal, one of which said “PROPERTY OF THE CROWN” on it. CBC came in and did a story on that. Rumours still swirl around stating that one of the arrow’s made it off the base, and lived past destruction at the hands of the USA.

Anywho, I laugh because Obama was supposed to be the president who was going to change shit. How many more presidents lying to them and catering to the wrong people (ie-corporations), until the citizens in the US of A finally grow a pair, and stand up for themselves?

How about from now on we just assume that any new bill/act/accord/ect. is just meant to fuck over the general populace?

Lol, that’s pretty cool.

And he was supposed to be one of us too. Not growing up rich but in fact on foodstamps. :frowning:

that’s always been on the table. if not overtly then covertly. and if we weren’t going to do it unilaterally then we will when we go to back up Israel.

food for thought: imagine the type of president 5 terms down the road or even 8. scary thought

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“on the table” is probably a poor phrase on my part. more like mother obama is cutting our steak in advance just in case.

why not?

I would do the same thing if I was in his shoe. I see as a form of pre-emption from the bush doctrine. I’m sure if he doesn’t want to get caught with his pants down if it gets set off.

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So yeah just read the link kind of annoying because it basically repeated itself a lot but I hate it when people respond to long winded links without reading them first.

Anyways, this really doesn’t change anything it sounds like a detailed version of eminent domain.

eminent domain cant force people into service can it?

I don’t see why not with the proper law changes/creations.

I still think the US does have the edge in air superiority and weaponry but not enough to decimate countries such as Russia and China. The flip side to that is the expense and manpower available to keep that edge. Even if not true, China, Russia, and the USA have the ability to render the other stalemate, despite who has the superior force. I guess I’m trying to say whoever has the edge, it isn’t by enough to mean victory for that country.

However, I have heard the USA not being comfy with China developing a carrier killer missile. Maybe some of you jet fighter junkies can tell me where the Eurofighter Jet stacks up in top fighter planes? I’ve heard it’s one of the most if not the most advanced fighter jet currently. I’ve heard it was purposely designed to be unstable in flight so that it operated better in dog fights?


Cool looking jet though.

I don’t know what everybody is complaining about. I, for one, look forward to being involuntarily treated not as a private citizen, but as a resource of labor, goods, and potentially cannon fodder in the U.S. government’s next great oil war.

Wow, so much hyperbole. The internet has made so many people experts on stupid.

I wouldn’t quite agree with that. I’m not optimist, but I’m also no pessimist either.

I prefer pessimism and cynicism, thank you. LOL

Hence the born again in born again cynic over here. :sunglasses: sig