Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans


Obama Eyeing Internet ID for Americans - Tech Talk - CBS News

Talk about fail of epic proportions. Sorry, but I’m not putting all my eggs in some govt. regulated basket. Fuck that:rolleyes:

Definitely not down with this shit. Hard enough to deal with identity theft on one site, let alone have ALL your online IDs stolen in one shot. WTF is Obama thinking?:mad:

I honestly couldn’t imagine how Obama could possibly outdo himself and disappoint one last time before ending his term.



that is not change i can believe in.


We got room up in Canada if yall want.

Edit: I have a bad feeling about this thread…


Obama, we’re coo’ and all, but…

You know you done fucked up, right?


glad i moved


i plan on moving to canada or northern europe after i get my degree anyway.

enjoy the shithole that is the usa suckers, ive had enough of free market fantasies were fed.


inb4 4Chan gets him out of office somehow.


Buck Ofama, real talk…

If somebody doesn’t get this nigga out of office soon… plant some weed on the nigga do something…

Not the change I can believe in…


meh to 4chan. anyone can do ddos attacks, and they arent really that threatening honestly




^ Most of this website is some sort of minority:confused:

Obama is attempting to place more government regulation in my life than I’m comfortable…

I actually prefer G.W.B over him, and that’s saying ALOT…

At least he wasn’t trying to put this bullshit in place…


Damn dat madden!


so that makes racist statements okay? if the race isnt the majority of whatever country you live in?

Wow! I never knew you can turn racist words against themselves by practicing racism!


Shhhh we gotta keep it low!


Here we go, more rampant government control crap. Somebody besides republicans needs to call him on his shit, and quit acting like he’s the second coming of Jesus.


Tell me why exactly then? Our situation isn’t any better than it was, Bush tried this stimulus money shit too, we’re still fighting a war, gas prices are creeping up once again, he placed restrictions on oil drilling in the gulf and just lifted them recently, and trying to place extra government in my life…

Anything I’m missing here… I have no faith in any sort of political party or president… because they will always find someway to let me down…

Well, the word on the street is that there is room in Canadashrugs


I love how people’s brains are inserting the word “mandatory” into the article…

Anywho, Dr. B’s internet ID was last seen destroying an apocalyptic comet without Michael Bay’s careful “direction.”



fight a war (over oil) or have a govt regulated ID system on the internet (that hasn’t been approved).

Oh, the humanity!


The following people either a) haven’t read the article or b) read it, discarded its contents, and substituted their own bullshit for whatever reason: most of the people in this thread, including alfaphlex who posted the fucking article. Like seriously, read it.

Dr. B : being able to eat toxins and shit edible, tasty food :: this article : being understood.


It doesn’t say to require it, but we all know how that works, they run it for a little while, then it is mandatory. I hope it doesn’t happen.