Obama signs NDAA Martial Law


Sen. Lindsay Graham on military ‘defense’ bill: “The homeland is part of the battlefield and people can be held without trial whether an American citizen or not.”

You’re like 6 months late on this aren’t you?

welcome to the country you live in. next time try to pay attention when things are ACTUALLY FUCKING HAPPENING.

idiots like you that don’t notice something like that NDAA agreement till half a year later are the reason this country is in the fucking trash.

You expect the people that paid attention to shit 3-4 years ago to still do? I’m just here for the ride at this point. The country is such a clusterfuck that the only thing I can do is treat like I do SRK: Nothing but jokes and a whole lot of stupid.

and spewing unneeded insults and derogatory terms towards an individual is certainly not a problem is it? :wink:

i get it, it’s just depressing and frustrating. if people had stayed engaged after the 08 campaign things wouldn’t be nearly as large of a clusterfuck, but instead people were like “bam, job done. we elected the black guy, everyone go home and go back to bed”. hell, i remember watching the coverage election night and seeing this one particular black woman being interviewed where she was just crying and saying that things were going to be better and she listed off a long list of things that she just said “we fixed” and i kept asking myself… HOW DID WE CHANGE THAT. electing a president is step one, not the entire plan.

kelloggz i hear you on the insults, but what derogatory term did i send his way? i called him an idiot, true. that’s an insult, nothing more.


Electing the right president is like step 28934129384091283. You start by electing the proper senators and pushing some good bills. President is a long way off on the list of things wrong.

well now that’s a chicken or the egg dilema now that i think of it. do you go after the congress first with senators and congressmen cause if you lack the WH those good bills just get snuffed, or do you go with the president first who can’t possibly sign a good bill if congress doesn’t send him one first…

Obama wanted government to offer health insurance to people who can’t afford it, but insurance companies bought out Congress to shut it down and forced Obama to reform his crap so insurance companies can continue to scam people. Congress says pizza is a vegetable and when they get hacked by little kids they say “I’m not a nerd” instead of admitting they’re a bunch of idiots that don’t know shit who should consult some experts.

Obama is a puppet anyway. He tried to man up by telling the MPAA to fuck off and the MPAA straight up said they would stop bribing him and then he went and bent over for them. We live in a county where government officials would harass a child over a dollar bill. Brb, going to throw up.

We just need a guy up there who doesn’t give a shit about money. On a smaller scale, that’s why I think Bloomberg (for better or worse) does whatever the fuck he wants. You cant bribe a rich dude.

Everyone cares about money.

Actually he was good the first time and then when the economy went to shit he showed his true colors. When the blizzard hit NYC, most of Brooklyn was covered for over a week, and he didn’t do shit about it except make a joke about telling them to go watch a show on Broadway when you couldn’t even walk out. People DIED in Brooklyn because ambulances couldn’t get through.

Though I will say that his response to the hurricane was on point and the clean up was almost immediate.

I said for better or for worse.

Most will believe this is naive, but I for one don’t think this is true. Well, everyone may care, but not everyone is willing to comprise their country and selves for the sake of it.

If you have enough money, it doesn’t matter what happens to your country because you can always relocate to Finland.


This man knows what you mean.


that guy is still fucking huge, DAYUM!

I saw Virgil like 2 months ago at a convention. Somebody asked him about the million dollar belt. Did you know it actually was created with real gold and jewels, for one million? It’s now estimate to be worth WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more money. Funny thing was, whoever the ring announcer was that match, or guy who just randomly held the belt at ring side, was with their security detail. He would hold the belt, hand it off to the Million Dollar Man, who would walk down the aisle with it, then proceed to be given it right back again.

Virgil was given a replica thats worth a couple hundred bucks though lol

OMFG!!! :rofl: Virgil was one ugly, Live-action Monkian from the Thundercats looking nukka. Heh. I have heard the belt is real, then fake, then real, then fake again. Personally, I side with the ones who said real. The million dollar man was a GROSS understatement of how much money he had even then. a solid gold belt? Probably chump change to him, DAMN what a piece of bling! I bet Ted Jr had bragging rights at school. Nobody else could say they got an ass-whuppin with a million dollar belt for doing something wrong at home. :rofl: