Obama Speech: 'A More Perfect Union'





I think Bush has desensitized America to bad grammar.

my bad, I did a search but couldnt find it. anyways, I feel its something everyone should view, politic maniac or not.

Why is everyone so obsessed with this shit? Wow, he did a good job telling a lot of people what they wanted to hear.

If he told people what they wanted to hear he would have simply denounced his pastor and cut everything away from him.

Some white people…sigh

No because (as is obvious from reading this forums) a sizable amount of people agree with the pastor.

Wtf is that supposed to mean?

You’re obviously a racist, pherai.

Damn, didn’t even realize it :sad:

I wasn’t sayin its a bad speech or anything, just I don’t understand why everyone is hanging on every speech this guy gives. Being a good public speaker is nice and shit, but its really an accesory skill, not necessary for being president, yet people are talking about speeches more than issues.

It means his racist towards white people or he thinks most white people are stupid.

As Jon Stewart said; he spoke to Americans about race like adults.

Something that hasn’t happened in a long long time.

This is very true.

Except the speech wasn’t supposed to be about that. It was about why he was lying about going to a racist Church.

This will either clinch the party nomination for him, or this is his Howard Dean YAWWWW moment right now… that the nation (not the media, real people) will laud and respect him for later on.

there is an election thread, also i don’t believe you’re supposed to post videos here…

regardless the man speaks truth

For someone who’s kissin up to Obama, you sure did miss his point.

Thats not what I meant at all :wonder:

Obama sounds racist.

No, he just encourages us to be more accepting of others’ racism, and find out why they’re racist rather than just condemning them for saying racist things like Don Mack said.

So thank you, Don Mack. We can all learn very much from your bigotted statements.

obama is different from any politician i have ever seen in my short life. Never has a politician made clear and calm sense with little politik speak. This speech broke away from the false reality that whole system lives in. The news media and politics live in a world where nothing get accomplised and nothing gets said with alot of words. This speech said everything that needed to be said with as few words as possible. It’s nice to see someone who can actually speak properly being given the chance to speak.


Obama’s speeches have been compared to souffle, light and airy with no real substance, designed to make you feel better, but will never really fill you up.

And I agree.