OBJECTION! - The Phoenix Wright Thread



I’ll spoiler tag these as we get more info, vids - but for now this is what everyone wants to see, so I’ll leave them as is.

Incomplete Move List:


Investigation Mode:
Slip-Up - :f: + :m:
Questioning - :f: + :h:
Air Questioning - (in air) :d: + :h:

Trial Mode:
Slip-Up - :f: + :m:
Illuminating Point - (during st.:h: on block or hit) :h:
Note Scribbling - (during cr.:h: on hit) :h:
“Just a Little More…!” - (during j.:h: on hit) :h:
Cross-Examination - :f: + :h:
Air Cross-Examination - (in air) :d: + :h:
Bridge to the Turnabout - (with 3 pieces of Evidence) :f: + :h:

Turnabout Mode:
Slip-Up - :f: + :m:
Pursuit - :f: + :h:
Air Pursuit - (in air) :d: + :h:

Special Moves
Investigation Mode:
“M-Maya!?” - :qcf: + :atk:
Investigate - :atk: + :s:
Discard - :atk: + :s:

Trial Mode:
Present Evidence - :atk: + :s:

EDIT: Ooops forgot this one

Hyper Combos
Investigation Mode:
Steel Samurai Maya Smelting - :qcf: + :atk: + :atk:[/details]




Match Play:





Maximillian Character Breakdown (not a tutorial)



Assist Me! Vid



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[]Maya Shuffle - available in Investigation & Courtroom modes
]Justice Hammer (OTG): Courtroom mode only
[]lvl3 - Turnabout mode only
[]Get 'Em Missile! - Missile runs across the screen - seems to be low and safe
]Press the Witness - soft knockdown, combo extender
[]Wright has an overhead command normal ( :f:+:m:).
]Wright can launch solo off a throw in the corner
[]Normals have long active frames. jS has been seen whiffing on Firebrand, but that may be because S-Kill tried doing it ASAP after S. Guy doesn’t seem to have much in the mobility department, but he can dash, unlike Arthur…
][FONT=Helvetica]Trying to present bad evidence does nothing and puts him in a long recovery animation[/FONT]
[*][FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica]Magic series doesn’t really work with him, some normals are not cancelable into other normals such as st M, the paper toss thing[/FONT][/FONT]
Phoenix Wright is a unique character in that he has three different stances (or modes if you prefer) that act as a progression tree in making him more dangerous: Investigation, Courtroom and Turnabout. The ultimate goal is to collect three pieces of evidence (represented by the three folders above his Hyper Meter) in order to activate Turnabout mode.

In a nutshell, Investigation mode is more defense oriented while Courtroom is more offense oriented. Turnabout as stated is your ultimate goal that make Phoenix Wright a walking legal beast.

Investigation Mode
Wright’s default mode at the start of the match - you can see this by the little magnifying glass to the right of the evidence folders. This is focused on PW collecting evidence. Collect evidence by inputting :p:+:s:. Each :p:+:s: combination provides evidence for a different folder. There are two types of evidence: Good and Bad.
[]Good evidence is indicated by it’s folder illuminating. Can be thrown away.
]Bad evidence must be thrown away my inputting the :p:+:s: command for the appropriate folder it’s stored in.
[]All thrown evidence acts as a weak projectile.
]There are 15 total pieces of evidence.
[]Good Evidence
]Autopsy Report
[]Broken Vase
]Cellular Phone
[]Crime Scene Photograph
]Bad Evidence
[]Beer Bottle
* Samurai Helmet
[]Meat (heals PW when used)
]:d::d:+:s: to enter Courtroom mode
[INDENT=1]PW can call Maya (from the Ace Attorney series) to provide him with a very durable shield that stop incoming attacks and projectiles. Other variations (depending on which attack is used) see Maya doing an OTG slide goes difference distances. This allows Wright the cover he needs to collect evidence. Assists can be called while Maya is on the playing field.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Courtroom Mode[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]When you have all the right evidence you do some command and go into this mode, you can see you’re in this mode by the little attorney badge on the right of the evidence.[/INDENT]
[*]Can present evidence for beam specials. Different evidence provide different types of projectiles.

[]:d::d:+:s: to enter Investigation mode
[INDENT=1]Courtroom Projectiles[/INDENT]
]Autopsy Report - Floating orb at Trish’s Peekaboo height, delayed explosion (probably also explodes on contact)
[]Broken Vase - Arcing projectile, travels half-screen (zoomed out)
]Cell Phone - 3 floating orbs like Dante’s Multi-Lock, fires after a short delay
[]Crime Scene Photo - 5-hit horizontal beam
]Knife - 3 spread beams, covers about a 60 degree angle
[*]Wristwatch - Single orb fired horizontally, basically a Hadoken
[INDENT=1]The main objective of this mode is to land an OBJECTION! command normal. Landing an OBJECTION! sends you to Turnabout mode. Landing an OBJECTION! while you don’t have the appropriate evidence will leave you stunned.[/INDENT]

[INDENT=1]Turnabout Mode[/INDENT]
[INDENT=1]PW’s ultimate mode. This mode is why you bother playing PW in the first place. Wright’s normals produce a large accusing, pointing finger that juggles - which covers 3/4 of the screen. This mode also gives Phoenix access to his lvl3 which does a ridiculous 600k of unscaled damage! Did I mention this lvl3 has the same properties as Gravity Squeeze - meaning it hits any and everywhere on the screen?[/INDENT]

[*]This is a timed mode. Timer does no reduce while tagged out. Once timer runs out, you lose all collected evidence.


It begins!

Also, I’m psychic. I knew from day one the judge’s mallet would be a super.


For a second I thought the judge hyper hurt him as well.

Glad it wasn’t the case.


Having Maya there is a beautiful bonus.

EDIT: Wonder if we’ll see other characters, too…


Love it


“I SUE YOU” mode Wright during Level 3 X Factor is going to be broke as fuck.


Guess I’m the only one who can’t stand Maya.


Welp. He looks as dumb as I had expected. But I’m glad he’s finally revealed.

EDIT: More importantly…is that Psylocke and Megaman in the posters in the back of the Metro City nighttime stage?



lol that didn’t take long, be honest CTG, you had this thread already made and were just waiting for the trailer. He looks interesting, a little silly but I guess thats the point. Really wanna see the character walkthrough to get a better idea of his stuff.


He looks like a troll character

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gathering edvience looks like its going to get you killed though




Talk to a mod. If you want it that bad, I’ll give it up. No sweat.


I like that move he has where he summons that lady as a shield, would be interesting if its one of his assists.


Or not, considering the Maya shield.


Finally I can see my new main in action. I am really curious what are going to be his assists


Short write up observation of the video:

It appears that Maya will only be available during Investigation Stance. Much like in the game, you can only get her help while out looking for clues.

Attorney Stance (the one with the Attorney Badge) seems to be the one where you can throw evidence around, basically the projectile stance. You can throw any evidence you’ve found (the evidence at the bottom next to your meter) if you don’t think it’ll help your “case”. You can also do the Judge hyper in this stance.

The 3rd stance, which I will call Pursuit Stance, is only available when you have 3 solid pieces of evidence. It looks like you’re going to need a murder weapon, court documents, and some random 3rd object. When you have 3 pieces of evidence, you can use your Objection! If succcessful, you go into Pursuit Mode, where your attacks seem to have more range and damage. There IS a timer during this, and you CAN build meter. You can only use Phoenix’s level 3 in Pursuit Mode.


For some reason, even though Capcom JP updated their website… Wright’s profile is nowhere to be seen lol


Looks like you can gather it it while Maya’s out though which’ll probably help.


for sure. he’d be good for that assist alone as it appears to make you invincible while you’re behind it.

no complaints about PW at all, in fact I absolutely love what they did for his moveset. so many cool shit I wanna figure out. for one, landing “Objection” seems to power him up, and the evidence toss move puts him at frame advantage… sneeze launcher combos, anyone?

he looks like a keepaway character as expected, especially since you have to back off to gather evidence first before you toss 'em Hsien-Ko style. the fact that he has his own unique meter is interesting though… so far you have I would assume three “modes”: gather evidence, court trial, and objection-- oh my god that’s so clever. those are the three phases you go through in every case.