Obot64.com Looking for art design

Hey guys Ive gotten the idea to try to make a T-Shirt for my site, thing is I have no skills at designing things. If any body is interested in making me a design please post here. :tup:

How many colors and what size (inches or pixels + dpi)?

Hmn… I dont really know. It should be big enough so that I dont have to stretch it out and lose quality in order to have something reasonable on a t-shirt. But if youre just trying to show off what u can do as far as making a designing you can make how ever you chose, and post the sample here.

Anything in particular you want the deisign to be about?

Hmn… I’m just looking for something cool. I dont want to impose my will on anybodys artistic freedom, so I guess at this point Im extremely open to what people come up with. I mean if I was to make it I would just have a picture of that big gay looking pink doll of mine, almost anything is better that that Right?

But you guys are free to use any pictures that I have put on the site. I have quite a few in my gallerys (which are in the community section).