Obot64.com The Thread 3.0

Ok, it being a new year and all I figured I would start things off with a new thread for www.obot64.com (why not?). Just like old times, whenever I update my site with something SRK fighting game enthusiast might enjoy Ill post it here. Please feel free to discuss my site’s content here, give as much + or - feedback, and ask as many questions etc as you like here.

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Obot64 of Obot64.com :tup:

Ok, I updated my sites media page… with 6 of 13 cfe match vids from dec 29th. My site is split between two hosts as of right now but dont mind that.

I dunno whether to laugh or cry at number 5.

cough ahem ah i dunno who this retired guy is but I think everyone should go easy on him cuz he sucks/doesnt play/and palys on a SF pad where the buttons stick, and his moves dont come out half the time…

As for number 5… Ummm cry or laugh obviously niether you should be sad beacuse the story is acctualy better but its hard to say in words how good it is.

hahaha number 5 was some funny shit. your a funny guy dialup, funny guy.

btw why do you use a pad anyways?

well acctualy I would perfer to only use pad for GGXX really.(I think the lay out for GGXX is retarded on arcade)anyway I dont really like it for SF but I dont really have money for a arcade stick. It just isnt worth it for how much I play video games. I know it seems weird being that well im on the internet alot but I acctualy dont play video games themselves that much shrug…

Soo umm yea i perfect arcade stick for SF etc. But i just dont have the money for one. So I figured I guess I will buy a sf pad cuz well i dun wanna spend money for arcade stick, but I need 6 buttons. =/ Also umm yea sf controler sucks do not buy them, the buttons stick and your moves dont even come out half the time, as was the case in many of those matchs…

Did anybody even pay attention to the game play in vid 5? =\

one sec

hah, bukkake

5/13 … Ayane? What gameplay?


sick fuck

You gonna have any more gatherings this week Obot? If so, tell me, I’m in town till a week from today. Also, we should play some more A3 on Kaillera and get some replays of that up :slight_smile:

A ninja school girl fantasy, fuck that was funny. All SF vids should contain comedy, what a lethal cobination.

“And then she’s like, I know you masterbate about me clayton”. lololol

How long would it take to come up with somthing like that. Hastega, petrify, very clever. Just made the vid even more enjoyable. :tup:

Not very long, I have a pretty good imagination, as you see… well im a loser and have never held a girls hand before. So I need all the help I can get it.

Trust me dude I got hellllllllllla stories, but as I said in video its hard to say them, you just gotta know them visualy or “feel” them. ._.

site down?

Clayton’s always awesome.

‘Retired’ or not.


aww sniffle thanks =[

looks like the site is down, I bet it comes back at 12… or not?

12 pst…

Just updated the site with matches 7, 8 and 9 of 13. googog get it. Before I run out of bandwidth for the day!

yea i think i’m gonna stick with my old host. They were good after all… who knew.

wow that Clayton is 1 scary mutha fucka