Obot64.com The Thread 3.0

That white blonde hair guy in the video was hot :tup: More stories! :clap:

yea i agree, its buttons that stick, and horrible pad. What a shitty piece of crap. Moves dont work on it. I assume more matchs where moves just stand alone and dont get cancled to anything, or do something stupid. What apeice of garbage.

+plus add to fact I suck. It becomes omega suck.

If you mean me, no im ugly you are mistaken. i suck

I think he was referring to your story, He-man. Please, tell the rest of Greyskull your exploits in dreamland (Kirby?)!

i fell out of seat with the ayane story :lol:

hrmm maybe i should write a fan fiction to give it the depth and detail these stories really need. I can draw pics of it to!

she uses hastega on his penis :rofl:

hey man, lemme tell you anime chicks etc, they need a lot of fucking love, and a normal man(although in my fantasies I am a bit more powerfull, I have a light saber,can fly a bit, and shin shoryuken random things)like myself can not satisfy what these beautiful woman are craving for. Its very difficult especialy considering that are lives revolve around fucking alot snuggle then fucking more doing it day in and day out is hard, so they help me out… emm hmm

Damn Clayton, I didn’t know you liked women.

lol, i still lub you raul =[

Hey clayton mabe you should take up stand up comedy(thats if you arnet already). That was funny as hell. Was that the first time you told your mates that story?

Hrm maybe those paticular guys that story…

but ive told other people that storys like that before… I think its a good way to break the ice to say…

To be honest I dont think masterbateing is very funny but other people laugh and well im just a honest person so it just rolls off the tounge i guess shrug.

Ayane is great.


I know! I feel the love everytime I goto your house. No way to escape it. It’s like I’m on lockdown. =/

I have updated the Media Section with the last 4 Capcom Fighting Evolution match vids from December 29th.

nice ill check it out now

whheres vid 5? can i get the song from Obot64’s_Tek_CFJ_Vid?

thx i never knew about the kim infinite.

Maybe Ill put vid 5 in like a hall of fame or something or maybe turn it into a hallway cinema or something…

Anyway, I updated my site with one cvs2 match between VDO, and TKK. Also made a new editorials section on my site and took away the donations section. If by chance you wonder why I did that… read the editorial.

yep yep

Fucking Run Away God beasting with Raiden, I didn’t get to see him do Raiden’s command laugh after throw (down down down while laughing yourself). Good to see VDO is still wreaking havoc wherever he may be!

shit nice match! :clap: that raiden was a beast!