Obot64.com The Thread v4.6 -Showing Respect For That Pink Doll Thingy-

Ok… I think eveyone knows me, and my website by this point… so no real need for an introduction or anything… right?

As as usal lease discuss my Media content here, give as much feedback, and ask as many questions as you like here.

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Updated the media section with a new vid…
Updated the throwback section with some old vids.

Good shit as always Obot. I especially like the direct feed w/ crowd noise in the last match between TKK and VDO. SRK should get you to do the EVO DVD haha. Anyways, I’m gonna keep clickin them ads, keep up the good work :tup: and I’ll see you at the Mayn Event.

Most definitely. I keep hearing about how hard it is to sync “crowd noise” with direct feed. You did a perfect job with that and I loved the simple transition from the external cam to direct feed.

THe Cannon’s seriously need to ask you for pointers.

:tup: :tup: :tup:

Thanks x100% for the complements guys!
You guys are too kind. I just tried that out because my cam (that only holds 10 min of footage) ran out of film so I missed the ending of the match, and thus saved it on a vmu.
I figured what the heck; lets try to do the direct feed with sound. I will admit that it was a bit of extra work, getting the sound to sinc with whats on screen is not a fun thing to do.
But knowing that I did a decent job makes it worth the extra trouble. Thanks.

Updated the Media Section with more WSU arcade footage.
I’m actually playing… such a rare thing.

Mad props to Markus on the cam… real smooth recording.

Obot64.com: The DVD. Only then will we have world peace.

What is that Pink Dolly Thingy anyway, its so pink.

The Pink Dolly Thingy Explained!

That Pink Dolly Thingy is a pink giraffe. While some people believe it to be a cow, or baby cow, I was told that it was a baby giraffe when it was given to me (valentines day 04, by a mildly special female).
When I received it, I joked that I would take a picture of the cute little rascal (who I call the mascot64) and put it on my website and at the end of all my videos, sorta as a spoof of the Dinjinvideo cat that appeared at he beginning of all the old dinjinvideo.com videos.
Since I started putting the mascot64 on my videos and on my site have gotten numerous request for it to be removed but I think its rather funny.
(Yes I am aware of the homoerotic nature of the stuffed animal, but I dont really care about that since its funny and Im Heterosexual [** for those of you who dont know Heterosexual means i’m not gay**])

Updated the Media Section with a player interview from the MayN Event Tournament that passed a week ago.

Another update, :tup: :tup: :tup: this time with footage from a “training session” held at WSU prior to the MayN Tournament. (This file has a parental advisory… as the language gets a little explicit from time to time.)

Obot, you cant close down your site, we’ve all come to respect and love that damn dirty pink doll.

thats the first time ive ever heard rickys voice soo… natural.

what are you tryign to say clayton?

lol anyway…

Question to all the people that watch obots videos since im sure its been in one of them in that mix cvs2 cd that he has(and ive seen others have)what is the song that plays durning the ice stage? Some techo song. If you know what it is, or where I can dl it, thanks.

Site updated with a cvs2 glitch video by shin ace. I dare u to figure it out and explain it.

Ungh, what the heck?

Someone else needs to try this to make sure its not his CvS2 disk that has problems.

Yea, I would but I dont have a stick thats rigged to be plugged into both the p1 and p2 ports.

That was some messed up shit.

Updated the media section, this time some good old match vids of me vs Rusty (who?) check him out.