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No, it’s not my disc. It’s the game, more specifically, at least the japanese DC version. I’ve done it dozens of times on my DC and my copy of cvs2, and twice more at a friend’s house last night. Haven’t had a chance to force the glitch in arcade yet, I’ll need SoleEmu’s help for that.

I showed 4 different ways of doing it, the second being the best to play with, since it’s all whiffed. Get a buddy, and pick Kim vs Kim. Get one kim to do (spirit kick x N), and the other just tries to get one out at the same time. Usually 3-4 tries with players of good execution will do it.

Plus you can do it with honda vs honda. There are no others that I know of. It’s specific to those 2 moves. One’s a special, the other is a super. But they both have autoguard, or whatever that fireball absorption crap is. That’s the only connection I can think of. But so does Eagle counter, and that move causes no sound glitch.

I still have no clue what it is. And it only lasts until the round is over. To make things worse, that infinite dizzy sound glitch you hear is ONLY POSSIBLE after the tech throw reversal version of the glitch.


All that you really need to do is open up 2 sticks, and jumper the ‘down’ directions together with a wire, and another wire between the ‘hk’. If you want to tech reversal it, you’ll need one more wire between 1p’s ‘right’ and 2p’s ‘left’. That way you can make them both walk towards each other, and double tap hk quickly for the tech.

Only try that if you’ve worked on sticks before, because I’m not about to explain the hardware aspect of it.

Updated my sites media section with yet another glitch video by shin ace. Prepare yourself for the Honda glitch!

Oh shit, you’re fast.

Enjoy folks! Personally, I love the Rolento madness at the end. I don’t take credit for inventing the Rolento whiffing, I was told to try it by another board member. All will be explained when the full video is released.

Nobody plays the x-box version around here…

Also just so you know the p-grove is different on the eo version.

The standard cvs2 game doesnt allow p-grove to do "P-groove combos into special into super combos like 3S sorry.

New cvs2eo matches are uploaded on my site. Thanks to snake for them.

w0rd ! thanks for the UP s ! :tup:

Updated the Throwback video’s section with some cfj vids… if you missed them go get them!

Hedz up another obot64.com DVD collection is coming soon… (I bet you didnt know the first one came out.)

that was a waste of good bandwith. roll super owns online :tdown:

Just a game foo and everyone knows ‘you >> me’ so stop crying.
I only capped this one cuz the last part with roll super was pretty funny to me :rofl:

More cjf vids!

I will play you no roll super :rofl:
Whats your tag ?

New vids shhh dont tell anyone.

The people that read my thread get a nice sneak peak at the mayn event footage. I completely have totally way, too much footage to ever release (6+ hours). So I guess Im gonna just have to put the best stuff online.

I’m starting out with a Rickey vs Michigan casual play video thats around 120megs

The matches contained in the file are:
Ricky Ortiz vs Obot64
Ricky Ortiz vs Julian
Ricky Ortiz vs MonsterZodd
Ricky Ortiz vs Popoblo (not from Mi but whatever…)
Ricky Ortiz vs Iwu
Ricky Ortiz vs Cheese Master
Ricky Ortiz vs MonsterZodd
Ricky Ortiz vs TKK
Ricky Ortiz vs KOG
Ricky Ortiz vs EGB.

Depending on how much bandwidth is used on my site I may have more vids before the month is over.

Um. Oh yea. Plz give me some feedback and talk about these vids. Im not putting this stuff on line for nothing you know. Spark some conversation! :tup:

Downloading it now, thanks for this man :tup:

Oh yea i’m leaving for chicargo later today for midwest … I have my cousins cam once agin so expect to see some obot64.com covrage of the event from an ahem… urban perspective.

EGB after winning = :lol:

Great mtches and nice to see you didn’t all get taken down by Ricky, haha.

Is it all Vega, Sak, Blanka?

No ricky was using c guile/ blanka/ cammy.

Hahahaha, EGB’s reaction was fucking great. I can’t believe Ricky fucked up the super twice in one match.

that dude had himself a party when he won.