Obot64.com The Thread v5.3 -For all the old people-

I made the 5.0 thread but it vanished…

If a moderator deleted it I surely hope they would post to me as to why they did that.

Annway… guys…

Obot64.com is back up, thanks to a guy from china…

There is a lot of talk of new websites coming out of mi, and even some from other places that are going to “emulate obot.”

Right now Im rambling… but soon I will bring back the media section of my site… and probably some new content too.

I’m motivated by people, and I dont like doing things that nobody cares to see.
So if you care say something. Jebus.

(I think I need my own personal hype squad)

Good shit Obot!

subs to thread

We don’t delete good threads unless they go to shit. =p

Or were shit to begin with. =x

It was probably a SRK blip… you know how that goes. :looney:

Actually, there have been some massive thread prunings going on every so often, I’ve been noticing I’m losing posts left and right. I used to have over 3k, now I’m back down to 2980-something. =x

Ok fans… The Media section is back on line…


Almost all of my classics are up. Go get some vids.

Just got word of a new greek site.


Its cool, check it out.

And for anyone who didn?t know Sirlins book ?playing to win? can now be bought ;p

Edit, also updated the media page with the 4/6 videos that were not already uploaded.

3x Hallway cinema videos (silly and funny)
and My cvs2 tactics video “Back up off me”

As soon as I get around to it I will re upload ShinAces glitch videos.

YAY, It’s back!

Hell yeah.

Shin Ace, have you done anything new? or do you have anything else you would like me to host? You’re always welcomed.

I could take a peek and see if anything good in the archives hasn’t been used, but nothing comes to mind.

Go ahead and take a peak, I can recall that you were working on one thing, you had sent me a snipit of it.

Huge thanks to Shin Ace who just supplied us all with an all new glitch video (get it from obot64.coms media page).

Also, I have updated the Media page with Shin Ace?s Honda and Kim glitch vids, so his whole collection is online. !Wow!

Enjoy Shin aces vids and be sure to thank him for his efforts.

I’m considering getting back into the grove of vid making… would you care to do something collaboratively Shin?

Obot says: “We need more unity in our community.”

Edit: hmn… now that video-operas not being updated what?s the best way to notify the masses of a video update? GFB hub?

You’re welcome, both obot and gaming community alike.

Throwback to OhSeaV
by: me

The first clip is Rugal doing a level 2 gigatech pressure xx god press, link level 2 genocide cutter xx air fireball. Rugal does his superflash while Dan is airborne, and then gains a free level when Dan lands. So you get 4 levels worth of super at the expense of having to start a super while he’s airborne. If only you could gain meter with your stock broken in N groove…

The second clip is kim vs kim(any groove). A throw is teched, and they both reversal stomp. You don’t need to hold it, but if you do it grants limitless invincibility. You lose it as soon as any player returns to neutral. After that, either kim is knocked dizzy. Now you simply hit him and the dizzy sound continues. One thing I noticed is that the player must be dizzy for at least a second before you hit him. Meaty attacks will not cause the glitch. Some of you might be aware that there are 4 ways to cause the initial buzzing sound glitch(RC, trade, barely whiff, and tech reversal stomp), however, only the tech throw reversal stomp leads to the dizzy sound glitch.

The third clip starts with maki grabbing maki with her super grab when they are both at the peak of their superjump. After that, they both do a tech throw reversal into her run forward. To make her switch directions, you actually do another fireball in the same direction. So after the tech throw it’s basically shoshoshoshosho.

The fourth clip is again maki vs maki. This is her setup to have infinite invinciblity after a tech throw reversal. They both do, tech throw, reversal run backwards xx mk(whiff a normal in the air), and hold a direction before landing. I don’t care which, but pick left or right. That’s it; she’s invincible. Because you start from a walk, it’s easy to keep going. You can cancel into rapid fire jabs(or shorts), kara cancel a normal into her backwards run and repeat the setup. You can even run forward and back forever, obviously. Some moves cannot be cancelled, such as that roundhouse demonstration. However, the entire roundhouse is still invincible.

The last clip is Hibiki’s endpose glitch. If you land a blackout such that it rages the opponent, and leaves them within a couple pixels of death, she’ll go into her blackout winpose. She comes out of it quickly(she can’t mash out though) when you’re still alive, so you don’t have time to think WTF and punish. If it ever happens to you in game, wake up super or fierce super.

p.s. what the hell happened to video-opera? It’s such a tragedy to see a goldmine be abandoned.

And yeah, I still got my capture card…

Bump to 1st page.

And if anyone has questions regarding my throwback vid, e-mail shinace@gmail.com

say shin ace, have you done anything with capcom fighting evo?

I know you have the duel output arcade stick, ever use it to look for glitches in CFE?

Nope, all the games I play are on DC.

Obot 64 is back up, thats good shit.

smacks head… duh!

Shin do you have a ps2?

Do you know how to mod/fix say a broken t5 stick?

Info on stick deth = http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/showthread.php?t=106990