Obot64's Cvs2 Tactics Video


Hey guys, I have put together a video from all my game footage, enjoy it, and tell me what you think.
Get It at www.obot64.com/games


wow you learned how to do a super…omg no wait you learned to combo into super…hurray!


that ken’s jd into air throw was pretty cool, but the rest was kinda bleh


Well… I guess the effort was sincere…




obot don’t take it too hard, but you gotta understand for a game like cvs2 that came out for a really long time there’s not going to be much that impress people anymore. On top of that outside of customs you would be hard-pressed to do any cool combos anyways. It’s obvious that you work hard at the game, seeing as how there’s pretty good control of roll cancels and all, but it’s also obvious you don’t have enough competition. I’m going to assume that there’s little you can do about that.

My suggestions is to play obscure characters or obscure games. Learn characters that hardly anyone uses very well, like Raiden, and find out how they can get around characters like Sagat Cammy and Blanka. Diddle around with moves and see what beats what. Then you would be making something that people want to download. Or maybe you can put together combo/trap videos of a game like Samurai Shodown 2, which has a lot of depth and is well respected in the community but faded out of existence before the whole video craze came about. Or you might want to try doing more K-groove stuff. Like I said, that ken’s jd into air throw was very neat.

Good luck, and stick with it. People might bash you for your combos but that can be improved upon. You are very polite about the whole thing and frankly most of us have no clue how to make a video in the first place. I look forward to more things from you :slight_smile:


Why I made the vid

Hey guys I just want to say I made the vid for people like me, not for expert players and all that. I know that if I had a vid that showed off some of the things I put in my vid it would have changed the way I thought about cvs2. I believe each scene in the vid shows of some really great tactics that can help the ‘scrub player’ move out of the normal roll super roll throw fest that alot of players get traped in.
So with that being said, I would like some of you upper players to discuss reasons you think I might have included the footage I did in the vid. And keep in mind that the vid is to help players mature in their depth of play and overall thinking about games.

Ps. The name of the vid is ‘nothing special (Cvs2 Tactics)’ I named it that because I was not trying to break ground; Im just tying to get information to the people that might want it, or need it most.


If I was making a movie, here’s something I’d include.

The whole movie would be nothing except Sagat and Blanka each doing crouch fierce.

1st scene:

Both are in range, Sagat does cr fierce first, blanka does cr fierce and gets counter hit.

2nd scene:

Blanka only is in range. Blanka does cr fierce. Sagat blocks.

3rd scene:

Both are out of range. Blanka whiffs cr fierce, Sagat punishes the whiff with cr fierce.

4th scene:

Both are out of range. Sagat whiffs cr fierce, Blanka does cr fierce but the timing is wrong and he gets hit.

5th scene:

Same as 4th scene, but Blanka gets the timing down.

“But they’re the same two moves! How come the result is different each time?”

I think this movie would help novices improve immeasurably.


I dunno, I guess the vid would be useful for newbs to learn from, but what was the point of the part where you had blanka walking back and forth against Geese?.. That was a waste of time…

:lol: … but then again that’s a “tactic” that’s used a lot…


he’s playin footsies, which is good against a turtling character. It’s the safest thing to do in that situation when 1 hit will end the game for both of them. Obot’s options were limited , he didn’t want to take the risk.

Obot, quit being random, and practice BNBs until your hands fall off.


See Pain, you learned at tatic :smiley:


lol… Oh gosh, that wasn’t even my point. It’s obvious you’re “trying” to play footsies, but the gameplay sucked… Why would Geese in K-GROOVE just sit there… You’re playing footsies and you do a slide from across the screen? The spacing is terrible; the whole point of footsies is to BAIT a poke from the opponent. From that distance, #1 you can’t punish a whiffed poke, and #2 Geese wouldn’t throw out a poke from that distance since you’re halfway across the screen. Honestly, if Burghy made his Blanka vs. Sagat “tactics” video it would resemble footsies more than what you had.


thats because it would be footsies, it wouldnt just resemble it… if at a basic level of c.fierce madness.


You know what I mean:p. “Resemble” might not have been the best choice in words but people should get the main point… Anyway, I may have ranted a little in the last post… I guess I was just a little annoyed by Obot practically calling me a scrub in his reply:bluu:. It’s like someone telling me that they taught me how to block when it’s pretty much common knowledge…


I dunno, I forget everything that’s been going on in this thread. Also walking back and forth with blanka and then randomly sliding and hitting geese isnt exactly footsies… also I dont understand how that could possible happen, i mean, why would geese randomly throw out a crouching move when he’s outside of his range? And why would he crouch low and not block? Oh well…


i didn’t like it… sorry, it just seemed like there was nothing really revolutionary… actually a lot of the stuff you did people stopped doing.

first combo… you do jab, then wait, strong super… ok, let’s assume the opponent blocks it. you’re fucked, there goes all your meter. That strong doesn’t give you enough time to react, so whats the point? you got a lucky strong super in a match and you put it in a video. YAY

second combo… opponent does random ass tiger uppercut and you do short jab short super… if you really want to be advanced, do roundhouse xx rh hurricane kick, s. jab, s. short, super… or at least link jab fierce super

third… chun li’s low jump stomp is good, but you don’t want to combo it… you want to hit the stomp, wait a second, then do cross up short deeper, cancel stun with lightning kicks, low jab, low strong, super

fourth… you counter roll eagle’s move… you don’t even need to counter roll that move… between the first and second hits you have time to roll out without wasting meter, then you can activate super if you want

fifth… hop into super is a cool trick when used right… instead of hop into super you would have been better off just doing super and trying to cross him up as he gets up… or even better, not waste your meter on a risk and wait till you can combo it

sixth part… ryu fake out… that worked pretty well and i’m pretty sure that would have worked in a real match… but it’s still a gamble, you’d be better off trying to combo the super… from that range when yama jabs you can low forward super him.

blanka geese match was fine, it was good to see you guys wait it out… but geese shoulda just countered the electricity and the game woulda been over

ken vs. ryu- rc kick is a great move… especially if you have great execution, but if you did make this video for new players, you’d be better off showing ken doing roll uppercut through that super since thats got a 95-100 percent chance of working as opposed to however good their rc percentage is

ryu combo at the end was pretty dope, it brought a smile to my face… good work

ok so overall, it’s a very basic video… you have some of the right ideas, i like the idea of showing real tactics in real matches. But you should really pick better examples of exactly what to do in each situations…

if you have another video that is made to help newbies out, do things like showing how to punish certain pokes like sagat c. fierce, cammy rh, blanka c. fierce, chun s. strong, and sakura s. rh. ideas like that would really help people who want to get nt the game.


:o I do what I can … :bluu:
I’m not djb… though.