So I did a bunch of research on this sanwa Cherry MX conversion mod and went ahead and ordered some for my stick. I was wondering if anyone here has any experience with them? Pros/ Cons. I’m a PC gamer and I love my Razer Blackwidow Chroma.

Here is a review from @“Jasen Hicks” http://www.thesupergun.com/joysticks/review-paradise-arcades-obs-mx-sanwa-upgrades/

i can never get his website to work for some odd reason. also i’ve read reviews and was just wondering other peoples personal opinions.

I like them, but I feel like the switch is pushing back against my fingers. I got the reds since they’re the lightest switch.

They’re good, very responsive. I like em.

Not for pussies who are used to the limp-wristed Sanwa sensitivity. Kidding, but only partially, lol! They’re pretty similar in feel to Sanwa’s RG buttons, but less wobbly.

If you want to go lighter than reds just switch them out for gateron clears.

Just a note: Soldering required.

I use OBS-MX w/ Cherry MX Black on one of my Arcade controllers. It’s almost ‘too’ responsive in terms of actuation distance. It throws off my timing, since I have to wait longer to compensate for the extreme responsiveness, but I can’t say this makes it a bad option, as I could be seen as the issue instead. :stuck_out_tongue: The Sanwa OBSF-30 and Hori Kuro buttons don’t hold a candle to the OBS-MX in this department, unless you use the “excess argument”.

Note: only use linear switches (Cherry MX Red or Black, considering the Cherry MX switches), if you want the shortest actuation distance of 0.6mm. Non-linear switches make it 1.0mm. Sanwa OBSF-30 buttons have a 1.2mm actuation distance, supposedly.

How are brown microswitches? I’m always curious how that would turn out for an arcade button.

Buy some. Try them. Tell us.

I wish these were in 24mm! I know GamerFinger makes 24mm but those hexagons are gross.

Cherry MX Brown is non-linear, meaning the OBS-MX gets an actuation distance of 1.0mm with it…

I’m really ocd about symmetry. If I ever get hexayon buttons I would spend hours trying to align all of them the same.

Assume this is likely the case, but I better ask: can artwork be added to the underside of the clear caps?

Second question: what lighting options would be possible with these buttons? Since the switches are on their own PCB, I’m guessing something like an Arc Eye may not work (unless the pin layout allows the PCBs to be stacked on top of each other). Otherwise, are we looking at individual, non SMD LEDs?

Artwork can’t be inserted. Like the translucent gamerfingers, the caps are a single piece.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. It sounds like i’m going to have a great time with these buttons.

I’m pretty familiar with keyboard switches, my favs are buckling springs. For Cherry MX I use blues mostly, the rest are browns. I ordered a pack of 35g springs for cherry mx switches but with the chinese holiday it hasn’t even left the country. I let my brother use these buttons and got them back today, I don’t find them to be as annoying as I made it seem. This could be because I started using seimitsu buttons and they’re just as heavy to actuate. Idk

I could do that but I don’t want to bother with unsoldering the switch.

And I just found this thread… :slight_smile:
I just ordered some Gaterons and we may start offering them if I can find a reliable source. I’m also looking at other brands of mechanicals. Kailh has worked with other manufacturers to produce switches so I may try a few of there switches. I will look for something that requires less force.

For LEDs you can use the Pele’s or Kaimana J’s. We will be offering an led option soon. The Remora can be wired to the existing board also, but this requires soldering (the 4 holes on each side are for an LED)

my order should be in on saturday. i’ll post how i like them.