Obscure Emu'd fighter roundup

With the general low abt the lack of good new fighters atm, I thought I’d do a quick round up of some of the less well known old fighters that are currently available. There are established neiche scenes for Breakers, Fatal Fury Special and Karnovs Revenge, but this is another level of obscurity. You may know some, but prolly not all. So (with an open mind) see what catches Ur eye, and try some out, U may get a pleasant surprise:)

*Ignore the ‘emustatus’ on some of the info pages linked (they are out of date), all games here are available and ‘fully’ playable.
*I tried not to make value judgements as we all emphasise different things (I mean I love Mutant Fighter and KnuckleHeads FFS!), but I have placed the games I imagined would have wider appeal toward the top.

Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty / Suikoenbu
Wild Samurai fighter from the late great Data East. Very combo friendly, with an openended juggle system. This game still has a loyal scene in Japan, and thats the best possible recomendation you can get. Many vids available here:

Surprisingly little known SF2 clone, has some slick graphical effects and gameplay features. Notable for its destructable background stages! Sequel (more of a champion edition act, playable bosses, recolored bg’s etc…) to Taito’s Kaiser Knuckle/ Global Champion fighter.

Groove On Fight
3rd in the surreal Power Instinct series. Kind of a wierd, tag based proto GGX.

Cute, fantasy themed fighter, ala ‘Kabuki Klash Far East Of Eden’ or ‘Waku Waku 7’. Heard good things abt this from evry1 who’s played it.

Dragoon Might
Very Sam Sho inspired Konami fantasy fighter.

Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels
Very stylised psyko fighter, feating lots of KOF style androgynous tight leather goth posturing.

Monster Maulers
A Warzard style 1p fantasy fighter, with a mix of scifi and mythological characters.


A definite Warzard wanna be featuring a killer shed!

Knuckle Heads
Smash TV meets Samurai Showdown fighter from Namco with an extremely unusual control system and capacity for 4player matches. I really like this game aestheticaly, tho I’d be pushed to pinpoint why.

Mutant Fighter/ Death Brade
Another personal fave. More of a wrestling game than a pure fighter (but this is my thread so neeer). This was the first game to feature Supermoves and a Supermeter (predating SNK & Capcom). Features Ray Harryhausen style mythological characters battling in World Heroes ‘deathmatch’ style Arenas.

Martial Champion
Konami’s first SF2 clone. Features some nice settings and quirky characters.

Power Instinct 2
Wacky videogame universe refrencing fighter. Lots of injokes, surreal locations and characters. Where else can u pit a dominatrix against a baby in a shinto monk disco!

Primal Rage

Quite well known (tho perhaps not to younger members) and well crafted stop motion dinosaur fighter.

Burning Rival
Early Sega entry into the field.

Top Ranking Stars/ Prime Time Fighter
Very SF2 inspired boxing game.


Time Killers
Both Bloodstorm and Time Killers are grotsquely camp, ott ‘gore fighters’. Features Monty Pithon style limbless combat!

Mobile Suit Gundam
Dont know if this has any relation to the much loved snes title?

Golden Axe: The Duel
There was a time when every series started to get a SF2 version. Here is Golden Axe in fighter form. Some nice locations and familiar characters. More cartoony and not nearly as beautiful as GA2: ROTD.

Sword and Sandal classical fighter with an interesting ‘Armor’ system.

Mighty Warriors
More swords, more sandals. First fighter to feature a Celtic (or is that Iceni) character.

Battle K-Road
Interesting fighter with naturalistic graphics and realistic looking fighting styles.

Karate Tournament, The
Karate Champ style knockdown karate fighter.

Dino Rex
Motion capture dinosaur fighter.

Vicious Circle
Very KI looking fighter.

Perfect Soldiers
Hugely dissapinting entry into vs fighters by the mighty Irem.

Dragon Master
Very snes like sf2 clone.

Tao Taido
more of the same.


Fight Fever 2 - The Eye of the Typhoon / Kyoku Cho Gou Ken
Very SNK circa93 looking fighter (my fave era). I really hope this surfaces one day. Manual with commands and some nice pics here: http://emustatus.rainemu.com/protos/games/ffever2/ffever2-manual.zip

Tenrin No Syo Chicago
An unreleased Proto, foundation for ‘Breakers’ series. I really hope this gets leaked too. Presumably a more oldschool, less frenetic combo based fighter than Breakers.

Shinryu Senki: The Warlocks of the Fates

Hope you find something that catches Ur eye.


SuikoEnbu is Dark Legend in the states, for those who don’t know. And most Americans never gave the game a chance.

The videos you have are from Fuun Saiki, the sequal which they added Mizoguchi and Yung Mie (who the guys doing his combos on) from Fighters History Dynamite. And as you can see the combo system is pretty nasty.

I have a combo FAQ for DL, and most of the time when you do the same attack more then twice a row (as you’ll see in the videos), if you try it a 3rd time it’ll whiff. But if you have played FS, the game is NOT complete, it’s a little broken as you can see from the videos. But then again he wasn’t playing a human opponent, and the one thing he did properly was to start the combos with a juggle move (or the smash as I call it) which will knock them up into the air. Cause if he did start a combo with a ground chain, your opponent can do this annoying Shield attack, where you’ll see a barrier around them, even if they’re getting attacked, it’s almost like a combo breaker, it just doesn’t knock them away from you.

Another reason why the game is extremely broken is because of the Invincible Glitch, I forgot how to do it, but the name says it all.

Global Champion, The last boss is the hardest boss I’ve ever played in any fighting game.

Asura Blade is another fun one.

THat Metamoqester looks pretty cool.

And Fight Fever 2 looks interesting.

Good list!

Here are 2 more.

Tattoo Assassins

It tried to rip off mortal kombat but did very poorly at it. The geame even ripped a chracter off of Nancy Kerrigan.

Jackie Chan First of fire

Another motion MK style game. However as the name suggests ithas Jackie Chan in it.

In Japan, Martial Champions the Konami fighter has a home version on the PC Engine/Turbo Duo. In fact I believe it also came out around the same time Dracula X Rondo of Blood did.

another good one is Ninja Masters. Very fun with some nice animation. Also Time killers was a dope game back in the day, lol. I even bought it for my genesis

I’ve got Dark Legend on the Sega Saturn, but I haven’t really played it. Are there any major differences between the Saturn version and the arcade version? After seeing those vids, the game looks more fun than I thought.

Buy me Bloodstorm or go to hell.
Suikoenbu’s combo system looks wayyy out of whack.
This is what happens when there’s no juggle limit, lol.

The version you see in the videos is the sequal, FUUN SAIKI. About the combo videos? I played the HELL out of the SAT. version, and when you see him doing the same combo over and over and over again… Like I said in my earlier post, when ever I tried to do those same repeat combos as he’s doing, it would whiff. I’m going to hook my Saturn back up to see for myself, unless there was some type of system direction like in SFAV. And if I’m not mistaken I think FS was a Saturn only game.

As for differences between Home and Arcade? They made some of the projectiles larger, if you did a fireball with jab if would be normal/average size as compared to the fierce version and they made the voices alot better (like that actually helps you?).

I like the idea of fighting a helicopter with a triceratops. Did anyone ever play Gowcaizer or Voltage Fighters or whatever it’s called? I saw the anime, it was aweful, but have never tried the game.

Great Thread.

Asura Blade

I really like this. It has a nice variety of fighters (Alice and Taros, for example), a solid juggle and combo system, and really beautiful graphics. As far as systems go, it has most of the now-standard fighting game features; you have the Marvel games’ “Stronger” chain series, possible on the ground and in the air; a separate launcher attack which allows for air combos; Advancing Guard; multiple Supers and EX specials.
Some more shots: http://www.neo-arcadia.com/tests/asura/asura.php
A Japanese guide featuring basic systems info, character guides and combos. Japanese text only, though: http://beach.biwako.ne.jp/~beaver/game/asura/asura.htm

Crayfish, we need to get into this.

It also has a sequel, Asura Buster which is currently not emulated: http://www.fuuki.com/english/buster.htm

As I mentioned to you earlier, I thought Groove on Fight looked interesting. The current emulated version runs at a sluggish speed. However, there is a Saturn version available.

Top Ranking Stars - now that looks interesting. I’ll definitely check it out. It reminds me of the Jaleco boxing game Best Bout Boxing: http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter=B&game_id=7097


A definite Warzard wanna be featuring a killer shed!

warzard came out atleast 2 years after this… ATLEAST

a killer shed?

i so see some pathedic person making that character in mugen.

I second that. Ninja Masters was one of the most underratted fighting games on the NeoGeo. Samurai Shodown-style characters with MK’s dial-a-combo system. Certainly not a bad game at all, if you actually played it.

I’ve played most the list, and while most I don’t think I’d play with any real frequency some I like. (Personally my obscure fighter of choice tends to be Waku Waku 7, a game not totally off the radar, but far from prevalent)

Here is another one that I believe has been mentioned before in another thread like this one, called Operation Ragnagard/Shin-Oh-Ken.

Here is a link for some info:

Has a pretty interesting game engine as far as combos and system is in the game, still learning it a bit. Groove on Fight is a pretty good game I have it for Saturn and its pretty fun indeed. Asura Blade is a great game as well, the second to last guy is a pain to beat, forget Cable in MvC2 this guy is worse. Just wanted to say also thanks for starting up this type of thread, always good to see strange but different fighters in the mix. Take care.

Asura Buster: Eternal Warriors and Daraku Tenshi - The Fallen Angels are nice games

Asura Blade seems fun but feels like it might lack depth, but I didn’t play it for that long. Is it playable in any version of MAME with online play? I’d like to try it out vs someone.

Asura blade is pretty good. Chain combo system, you can do some links, and it has “dust loops”. If you get the newer versions of mame you can play it on kaillera. hit me up on aim polarity and i’ll send you the emu

This is true.

Great Swordsman - Came out the same year as Karate Champ.

Hippodrome - http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?letter=H&game_id=8118

Karnovs Revenge - which was actually a pretty solid fighter.

Best Bout Boxing - is pretty good (nice graphics).

And if you’re talking about any emulated fighters? One of my all time favorites:

Eternal Champions - Challenge from the Dark Side “To your Death!”

Ninja Masters, while not the greatest, was not bad, and had a couple of wickedly designed characters. The only thing I didn’t like was when you holstered your weapon the play mechanics didn’t really change too much which would have made it more interesting/unique.

Would you mind linking to or pasting in that faq m8?

Are you talking abt the Akuma like, Rolento hidden Boss? You have to 1cc to get him up. In DanKuGa you can play as Gonzales and Azteca from the start, dont know if the hidden boss is ever playable tho. He would be over powered anyway, jus check his moves.

Its impressive that Primal Rage has such little coverage in the web…

It wasnt that bad…not as bad as Blood Storm or Tatto Assasins tough…

Anyway. We xpect to deliver the next week a new combo video for PR.

Here is a link to the trailer:


Its 12 MB and is WMV. Hosted at Filefront.