Obscure Namco Flat Pushbutton

Edit: @hibachifinal ID’d these as Namco pushbuttons from the Consolette series candy cabs. I’ll leave my posts stand for context.

So I bought these thinking they were PS-14-GX buttons, but they seem to be Sanwa-- hard to say… the button nuts are Sanwa branded, though I’ve never seen white ones. I suppose they could’ve been swapped. My guess is these are from the late 80s. I bought them as NOS, and they are pretty clean, plenty of shelf-wear though.

The switch is labeled M-T and looks very similar to the G1-series switches. It is also a reed-style switch.

Pretty amazing to find new Japanese arcade parts that are this old!

These were used in Namco Consolette (Consolette 18 and Consolette 26) cabinets. only yellow exists for this reason.


also this is the reason why PS1 namco sticks are flat button. it is based on these cabs presumably.

its pops up in yahoo!auctions japan usually tagged as “NAMCO buttons”

edit here’s a comparison picture.


measure it, it should be 28mm. if it is, its, a true namco button. But I am pretty sure they made screw-in versions of those, it had yellow nuts and were spikey.

its as old as xevious. i guess it also came in red.


notice how much higher the plunger is.

they made an analog micro switch for it especially for the game Bravoman.

Thanks @hibachifinal for chiming in. That makes sense, as they do look like the Namco buttons I found in a search today.

As for the existence of other colors, if these are Namcos, we in there with Red:

I’ve only got these two, and doubt I’ll find more anytime soon, so I’ll pop these in the cabinet for playing some old-school 2 button JAMMA stuff. They’re really fun to push… my PS-14-Gs are a little intimidated by the rise on these little buddies :smiley:

lol edited my post… yup there was red, found in xevious tabletop conversion panels.

Neat. Always impressed with your knowledge and Google-fu. Looks like the switches on my pair are just a bit more antiquated.

Edit: Yup. Totally smaller than the 30mm PS-14-G I just put next to it. Cool!


a current auction is live on these obscure “namco buttons” and yeah its yahoo auctions JAPAN, enjoy.

mainly bumping this thread because here are more pics:

these have been poppin up less and less lately. no real use for it unless you really wanna retrofit old namco cabs.

Those look like they’d be hell to play on. The plungers are enormous, if they press in flush with the rims then that’s a LOT of travel distance. From a visual estimate, about 2x as much as a standard button.

Still cool to see other buttons using the large reed switch form factor.

there’s a variation of this that has an analog switch used in Bravoman, where the plunger sits higher lol.