Obscure people on your entertainment Blacklist


A blacklist is a list of people you stay away from. If you have people on this list from entertainment, chances are that person is known. A director, a musician, or an actor who’s in the spotlight enough to catch heat.

However, sometimes you have people on the blacklist next to nobody would know off hand if you didn’t explain. Who are those people, and why are they on your list? A group (such as a game/movie studio) counts too.

For me:
Scott Buck - Showrunner for Dexter after season 4. I think another guy stepped in for a season (S7 I think), but this guy was running the show most of the time past S4. Anyway, after season 6, ANYTHING with his name on it is an automatic no go. If I even hear he bought a present for someone on a movie set, I’m not watching that movie. Don’t even get me started on Season 8. On that note, there are specific Dexter writers I could throw on this list too, but I don’t want to presume they went along with S8 willingly.

Kudo Tsunoda - Creative director for Def Jam: ICON. We went from Def Jam: Fight for NY to MUSIC MAGIC.


The purple Teletubby - His purse wasn’t colour co-ordinated.


Hans Zimmer - Contemporary music composer for movies like Inception or The Dark Knight.

He’s incredible at what he does but it irks me that* everybody* likes to name-drop him…
Also The Dark Knight was overrated.

Assassin’s Creed - I just don’t give two craps about this series. Never played it.

Ubisoft - ^ above

Jennifer Lawrence - Not sure I can take her seriously after what’s been going on.

Pharrell Williams - To hell with this guy and his music.

Naughty Dog - I’m not a fan of your games.

Bungie - ^ above

Edit: Demon’s Souls/ATLUS GAMES -



This obviously isn’t a comprehensive list. Just quickly throwing out what’s on my mind.


Well, this guy is not obscure but I can’t miss the opportunity for a cheap shot-- Tyler Perry. Anything created by him is a no-go for me… I will continue staying as far away from his movies and shows as possible. Even if he wrote Bayonetta 3, I’d just pretend it doesn’t exist and say the series ended with part 2.


Bro needs Yahoo Answers to explain the meaning of “Obscure” - https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100112155412AAyrslE





My work here is done


How dare you to miss the black Shakespeare of our time. He put light skin brother on the map again.


George Esra, Absolute Radio play his shit far to much and its at the point where I’d rather just turn off the radio and spend 5 minutes of my commute in silence than listen to that shit for one more second.


It’s good to see Demon’s Souls still leaves a lasting impression.

It’s a FromSoftware game tho, not an Atlus game.


Yea you’re right. I see the ATLUS logo on the game and assumed that it was the developer.

sigh I’m getting crucified by this thread…