OBSF-30 buttons "loose", metal not thick enough to clip


hey guys, got a bit of a problem with my snap in buttons. I built a box but the panel is too thin for the buttons to “snap in”. Meaning the snap in buttons have the little grooves on them to get snapped, but the metal isnt thick enough to catch those grooves.

I tried putting elastics around the buttons to keep them in place, but now i think they are getting in the way of the push plunger a little.

has anyone ever had this problem? I’ve attached a pic of the stick below


Wow, nice stick.

Just use a thin sheet of plastic/wood/heavy fiberboard, use it like a dummy panel underneath just to take up space.

Failing that, sell your buttons and trade for screw-ins.


I concur. That’s super sleek and very tasteful.

As for the buttons, the dummy panel idea is a good start, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to perhaps use some hot glue to secure them to the inside of the case. Just make sure the button plungers are fully flush with the outside of the top panel, then dab a couple dots of hot glue on each side of the plunger on the inside of the case.


Yes, I talk about it here (with pics):



You shouldn’t have to hot glue them if your problem is the thinness of the metal. I would say dummy panel or even a layer or two of tape (electrical or duct) would be enough to do it.

BTW. I’m curious on how that stick was made. Is that completely home grown?


thanks for the advice and complements guys, I think im going to try some sort of cut down plastic as a dummy under there. I was hoping theres some kind of 30mm washer or something i could tack on under there to increase the thickness but it’s probably not feasable to find a washer with the right dimensions (30 mm inner diameter, ~32mm outer diameter).

Also screw ins probably wont work because of how close the buttons are together, also they dont make the OBSN in the black grey that I like :wink:

This is completely custom, its stainless steel and made with a metal bender. Sixaxis board in there, suprisingly the wireless works without a hitch incased in SS. Start/select/ps button are on the sides which are indented to prevent accidental hits.

Theres actually only 3 pieces of metal 2 sides and one bent piece. The bottom I just put a piece of acrylic with rubber feet. Overall I think it turned out great, dimensions are great for lap or tabletop play. If only the metal was thick enough to hold in the damn buttons! :arazz:


That thing has got to be cold to play with. My stick is all plastic and it makes my hands cold sometimes.

Still looks nice though.

And I’m out without adding anything to the conversation


Try getting some sheet metal, cutting it to size and then trace and cut holes in it and put it underneath?


Indeed the stick does get cold, but after playing on it for 5 mins it warms up with my hands.

I’m gonna stop by the local surplus store and see if i can find some sort of plastic/rubber or metal washers for this. I’ll let u guys know what I come up with.


I’m thinking the easy way to make washers is by drilling 3Omm holes in sheet metal and then using some heavy duty scissors to cut around the holes. Make about 16 of them. Use screwdrivers to push them on from the bottom.


found some washers at the surplus store that fit perfectly :smiley: I guess that size is more common than i thought