OBSF-30 won't fit into my SE Fighstick


I’m trying to get the OSBF-30 into my SE Fighstick but it won’t fit for the life of me. The sides of the hole are actually scraping parts off the button, is this normal?


Yea its normal. Just push those suckers in or take an exacto knife and scrape a little bit off those tabs.


get a friend with some fat fingers. or muay thai that shit in.


Damn these connectors are impossible to take off and put back on… How did you guys release them?


make sure they didn’t solder them on. use needle nose pliers if they won’t come off by hand. don’t pull on the wire unless you have spare .110 quick disconnects to replace when they break.




I bent the loop on the connectors a slight amount to get them off and then bent them back again to make sure they hold. When I say slight I mean very slight.


Wow, I’m looking at one of the connects and it’s been completely crunched in and I could see large indents from pliers that did them. Fuckin madcatz.


Look at my HRAP2 guide for removing disconnects. All you need is a flathead screwdriver


for the quick disconnects, flat head screwdriver from the base to pry it off. The smaller screwdriver the better, then use needle noses if you can’t wiggle it off with your fingers.

For the buttons, just place them on top the hole and then push it in with the base of you palm using your body weight.


i took a file to the tabs on my buttons before putting them in.


The QDs are hard to get out if you just use your bare hands. Try to move it up a little bit just enough so that a flathead can fit at the base, then get it off with the flathead.

As for the buttons, you can file the tabs so it fits easier, or just push it in really hard with your hands.

I just did this last night lol


Ok well I was able to get them all in, I hope I didn’t break anything because it certainly didn’t feel normal. But I tested the button and joystick out and it seems to be working fine. But I have nothing really to compare it to since this is my first sanwa buttons and joystick.