OBSN-30 vs OBSN-30-RG

Greetings my comrades. I was wondering if the RG feels the same as the regular OBSN-30. Looking at the description I’ve seen couple of days ago it seems to me they should feel the same but the RG should last five times longer.

Also, I do not remember what colors the RG comes in. Do you guys know if they have all black or black/gray ? Thanks !

From what I heard, the RG feels stiffer than a normal Sanwa. To be honest I don’t think it’s worth the extra money.

Even if a regular one does break, you can just replace it for cheaper than paying a premium for all your buttons.

I like the sensitivity of the non RG buttons.

it’s reported to last what, 1 million clicks? lasts long enough for me.

I thought about going RG route for my custom project but I don’t want to take a chance and loose the feel of the regular OBSN-30s.

doing FA, just barely touching the buttons… man… heaven.

Yea… No one wants to loose that feeling.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

opps. :confused:

lose, lose, lose!!! kicks self in head. :sweat:

Hehe, no worries, I’m just breakin’ em :smiley:

the RG feel stiffer and last twice as long. they are for arcades that get high use…

So, are the buttons that come stock in Hori sticks supposed to be more like the RG buttons then? Cause they definitely have stiffer feel than regular Sanwa buttons.

The buttons in my Fighting Stick are ultra stiff compared to Sanwa, but they have also lasted much longer than the buttons in my custom stick. I figure I got about 50 hours out of my Sanwa buttons before they started to break, but my Hori’s are still going strong after several hundred hours.

no the stock horis are just the worst buttons ever. nothing to compare them to besides a huge pile of shit… :wgrin:

OBSN-30-RG Hands Down

I prefer the RG buttons because the of the tight spring back feel when I press them.

I bought both buttons to see which one I prefer. I suggest this is the best thing to do as it is a matter of personal preference.

I didn’t think I’d like the RG’s at first… but after playing with them I really have started to dislike the way non-RG sanwas feel.

The love my RG’s and unfortinatly they cost almost 3 times as much as regular sanwas. I dont care if they last longer… I doubt I’d wear out a normal button anyways, I just think the RG’s feel awesome… No way for me to explain it but “perfect”

Grab some of both types and try them for yourself. As others said they’re a bit stiffer and don’t engage as quickly as regular Sanwas, but I love them to death :love: