OBSNs or OBSFs in a plexiglass control panel


Hey guys I’m sure this has been asked and discussed before, but I’m new and in dire need of advice. To start out I am making a MAME cabinet, check out my website here for further details on that.

Ok anyway I want to put in Sanwa buttons but they are so short I am at a loss of what I should do for a control panel. Originally I wanted a thin piece of wood with Plexiglass (possibly Lexan) over it, but that won’t work as it will be much to thick. So I figured I would just have a plexiglass panel (painted or some design underneath so its not see-through) with supports underneath. Still I am not sure how I am going to do this. I recently read in another thread (through a google search) that I can simply use OBSFs snapped right into the Plexiglass, which surprised me as I didn’t think you could do that. In the thread the guys said it works great and can be snapped right into the plexiglass with no metal covering or anything.

So if I do it that way, how thick does the plexiglass have to be? Or would it be easier to just use OBSNs? Also after reading that thread I am not quite sure on even HOW to install OBSNs if i use them. OBSFs just simply snap in, but OBSNs have a thread and a nut. Is it simple like a bolt, where the button slides in and the nut tightens it? If its that easy which do you recommend? Screw or snap ins?

One last question what is the max thickness the plexiglass can be for an easy snap in or using the screw?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. This is the first time making a MAME cabinet and the first time making a control panel so yeah I’m a noob. Surprisingly all is going well though.


OBSFs snap onto plexi just fine. Officially between 2 and 4mm but I’ve found that 2mm leaves a bit of slack, I’d recommend closer to 3mm to get a good fit.

Please have a search and read the sticky posts at the top. Everything you need to know has been covered multiple times on here.

Enjoy your build :tup:



It really shouldn’t matter unless you can get them both to stick…