Obstacles of Gen (or other characters)

Hi fellow players,
I’m feeling a bit down in the dumps at the moment and developing some far fetched theories about gaming…
That’s why I decided to approach this more grounded and ask you to tell a bit about
Your biggest past obstacles in playing Gen or one of the other characters.

you think too much my friend. Its not good for the soul, since my PC broke down I have had a forced break, and its refreshing. obstacles for me is the learning curve of learning a new character. takes me 5 months to a year to be decent, took me 2 years with Gen and help from you guys. tried learning viper but its pretty much downhill. also learning fuerte and that is hitting the rocks. so I decided to relax and teach and now i run skype training sessions for beginners and that is so fulfilling

I don’t know if it’s persay obstacles with characters but in saying that yes some characters do have them. I would say more so it’s obstacles of the player themselfs. Once you’ve learnt and refined fundamentals you can use any character to a level if proficiency imho.
However for me and playing Gen I feel like characters who can out footsie the old man are an obstacle due to challenging what I feel it’s Gen character design.

Just my oppinion though :slight_smile:

That sounds less like a opinion and more like a fact. Like you said, if he’s designed to work a certain way and that is not applicable to another character then it’s going to be really hard. Like driving a race car in the mountains or a jeep on a racetrack.

I wondered about another thing some days ago and think I got it now:
Scoring a combo with Gen’s mantis s.mp.s.hp. depends on the hit animation of your opponent. Did that just with Ryu and realized the same 3hit combo doesn’t work if he hunches up instead of getting his head thrown back.
After three years playing the game this is new to me.

that is why Gen is the best, seeing an old man doing his thing is just poetic.

I don’t really get, what you mean. It’s poetic that it’s hard fighting characters with a better footsie game? xD :slight_smile:

Finally able to do mk xx hands. Feels like revelation.
Posted about my Madcatz Fightpad and learning this back then at the start of this august.
Finally a new step in Gen-play for me. I think this would not have worked without all the other Gen pad players out there. Especially you guys rock. Thanks for showing the way. :slight_smile:

keep on perfecting

I’ll give my best. Also thanks for always giving backup Ugo. :slight_smile:
Next step are the important combos from lk to TC1 etc I still can’t do. And of course seriously implementing mk xx hands.

knock them dead champ

This is probably a silly little thing but I finally achieved to beat Seth on maximum difficulty frequently on the first run with both his ultras.
It always bugged me to win against some people online but losing to a machine. [media=youtube]07So_lJQyqw[/media]
Thanks cr.mp xx hands, intentional spacing and everyone playing Gen. :smiley:

Lol, Seth is linear in arcade mode, just walk close and expect a level 3 then TC2 his ass. Rinse and repeat, if he chose U2 then go full screen then jump neutral he will unleash U2 lol.

When I get close to him, he most of the time EX SPDs me. :confused:

The machine reads your inputs btw. Such a cheatyface :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol! I mean sweep distance close. Hahahaa, seth was never an issue lol

Sweep distance close? Doesn’t the focus deflect the cr.hk? :slight_smile:

I mean stand at sweep distance, that is max crHP range lol! but never mind this is AI we are talking about lol

I’m wondering Ugo, do you play with your right thumb for the kicks and punches or with your other fingers? Like playing with a stick.
Because getting Gen’s bnb to work with just my thumb is really hard work (= bnb didn’t come out yet). :slight_smile:

right thumb covers X O ^ [] while R1 is my pointing finger and R2 Middle finger.

Wow, impressive. So you do all the hands- and FADC-combos on a PS3-pad. obamaface
I’ll keep trying. :slight_smile: