OCC Gamer's Guild Fridays UMVC3/SSF4AE/SFxTK




OCC GG is a new club at Orange Coast College focusing on bringing gamers together for casual/serious play, community, competition and character. There will be sessions on Fridays for a large variety games(fighting games, LoL/Dota2, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc…)

We will be meeting on Fridays At OCC’s Art Center Room 216 and there will be refreshments and snacks available(there will also be a donation box for food/refreshments)

Fridays Will start off with 1. Club News/Updates, 2. Ice Breakers, 3. Preparation, 4. Playtime, 5. Tear Down

**When **
Friday Nights at Orange Coast College’s Art Center Room 216

2701 Fairview Road,
Costa Mesa, CA 92626


Club Policy

Bring Your Own Consoles/Controllers. Whatever you would like to play with other players, bring your console: Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo, PC(Both new and old generations!). At the moment, we have two monitors and a projector with 6 surround sound speakers.

I’m not sure which exact consoles and how many were there last week but I’ll update it once I find out. I’ll be able to bring UMVC3, SSF4AE, SFxTK and a TE stick.

To Combat against gamer exclusion and unnecessary “trolling” there will be to monitors per game. One for new casual and new challengers / one for competitive play and veterans


Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3
Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition
Street Fighter x Tekken
King of Fighters
Tekken 6

League of Legends
Dota 2
Heroes of Newerth
Counter Strike

Magic the Gathering

To help cover the costs of converters, cables and monitors we please ask for 10 dollars for the club.

There will be fighting games every Friday. I’ll be able to bring UMVC3, SSF4AE, and SF x TK

Bring whatever you can! More consoles and more games will create a better turnout!

Also, there might be Street Fighter x Tekken this Friday! It all depends if I can pick it up and if I have work.




I see.

any kof players?