Occasional small casual night a short drive from Gresham/Clackamas

Hey guys, I have a PS3 setup for SSF4 and Tekken 6. I am willing to have a small group for casuals/mini-tournament practice nights. I live in an apartment with 2 small dogs, who once they meet you are quite friendly, and will make sure to make a friend with you. No smoking indoors, but just around the corner is a nice smoking spot.

Beer is cool but no getting out of hand or being rowdy. I am also green friendly. I think 3-4 people at a time would be the maximum for comfort. But if we have a tournament or something, we can cram a few more people in while my wife is at work.

You will need to bring a stick, but feel free to bring an Xbox setup if you have it. I will have only 1 PS3 stick, so you will need a controller.

There will be no regular time or date, as I have doctors appointments and physical therapy for my degenerative disc disease. But I am open to set up times when ever people want to come. Very flexible hours and it can be any day with enough notice.

Just thought I would offer a chance for us to level up our game.
Post here if anyone wants to get together.