Ocean City, Maryland

Checking the threads, tons of older stuff. Anyone out there in the area who plays? I have almost any fighter just lookin for some kinda scene lol. PSN Alienzmbie

What’s up man. There’s a group of us in Salisbury that play. We’re usually at a place in the twilley center called Phoenix Rising Games and Comics on Sundays, but we have casual sessions at peoples houses all throughout the week.

Ya I think I know the place, run by the guys who used to run illusions game shop I think? I’ll have to see if I can get in on it sometime. I’m a little ways out from Salisbury 30 min or so, but that’s not to bad.

What time do you guys usually play there?

We usually get there around 4PM and leave whenever we get kicked out, which is usually about 9PM. But like I said, we usually have casuals to fill the void that’s created with only 5 hours of play at the venue.

Sounds good, what console to you use? im a pad player myself, and on ps3

We mostly have 360 setups, but we bring in PS3s as well. If you’re on Facebook send me a PM with your info and I’ll get you in on our Facebook group.

Both consoles, depending on whether people bring them. There are more 360’s than PS3’s.

Sounds all good, I dont use facebook myself but Ill prob try to stop by and check it out sounds fun.

Next week we have our first monthly, remember that it’ll be AE, Marvel, and anything enough people sign up for