Oceanography #2



Ocean surface…freaking hard to do…gah

Those metals on the chairs I’m not liking either.


This one is looking good. I think you should try image/adjust/color balance/ slide it to the bluish side. Little too warm for me. Overall nice job.


The actual scenery (foilage and fish on either side) is fantastic. The fish are practically photorealistic. And the reflection of the ocean surface looks better then the actual surface, but the piece overall is great none the less.



Great job on it! I epecially enjoy the rays from the sun. :smiley:


Ooo… difficult piece.

pretty good :slight_smile: I like the seabed & the light effect, it’svery nicely done. Details on anemone and sea creatures are good too (although the clown fish seems a tad big)

nitpick - vanishing point for the desk is off. It doesn’t match the rest of the pic. See attachment if you need elaboration.


Thanks guys, those comments really help a lot.


Still can’t view the pic.:frowning:

But at least now I can rely on rook’s pic hehehehe.:smiley:

Though it’s in black n white.:frowning:

It’s a very cool pic. The fish floating gives it a nice dimension and the light rays look really good.:smiley: Very dreamy man…


hey twelve have you tried dragging and pasting on the address bar? although im not sure if that would work…sorry about this, dumb verizon


How can you tell? I only ask because it’s hard for me to distinguish with the vanishing point for the ocean floor.
But yes, this is a REALLY difficult piece, and it came out awesome.


Still doesn’t work man. You know what, you should attach your pics next time for people with sucky connections like me.:smiley:


The vanishing point for the ocean floor (the meeting of receding lines along the coral/anemone) defines the horizon line.

Other visual cues:

(1) we’re looking at the desk, turtle & fish from a point above them, so the horizon line must be above them.

(2) we can see the underside of the whale, so the whale is above the horizon line.