Oceanside GGX#R 6/25 Tournament - Results

1st KenI - PO/BA
2nd Konquer - ED
3rd Jo - JO
4th Justus - VE/ZA
5th Purrin - MA/RO
5th Selfscience - AN
7th Def1n1tely - MI
7th VormavPrime - DI
9th Pulsr - MA
9th B. Dues - FA
9th Drew - SL
9th Kevin - KY
9th RoboSol - SO/JA
9th Max - JA
15th HellMonkey - BA/ED
15th Ervin - JO
15th KBalch - DI
15th Potato Pink - SO
15th Deuce - FA
15th Rex - BA/KY
21st Reckless - SO
21st Erwin - JA
21st Urzakor - BA
21st Nocturnal - VE/AX
21st Sir Phobos - BA
21st Daniel - SO

Awesome job everyone. Jo will upload some vids sooner or later and he’ll post links in this thread, so check back here regularly for that. Thanks for coming all, hope to see everyone at the next one! :tup:

S E X !!! :clap:

gg,damn you forums add the clappy face already :clap:

hang is a beast

So, what went wrong? :lol:

Good job Jo representin the J in the top 3; I need to see some vids of the baron in action, you’ve been kickin ass lately. God damn I wish I coulda made it to this, you bastards got off lucky this time… :sad: Props to KenI - you should come down the next time we get together for casuals man, not sure if we’ll do it in TO or Romel’s place yet. Someone host another tourney soon plz, I’m dyin to play you guys… :wasted: Sorry render and I couldn’t make it to this one Purrin… Hope to see you guys soon.

gg everyone, and thanks purrin for hosting and free food & drink.

I asked Jo not to host any of my matches, cause that shit is way ugly.

Good shit hang good luck in AZ… <3 no homo

NSJ peeps are fucken dope

thx for hostin purrin =D

Ken Eye…

Another great tourney gathering once again…just wanted to say GGs to everyone I played. Either during the tournament or in casuals…in Reload. Also GGs to all the HSF, 3S and CvS2 people I played…hopefully next tourney there will be even more people this time ha. Alright guy take care and keep playing.


Now that hang’s graduated he’s got more time to beast. :karate:

Good stuff yesterday Purrin. Many thanks for hosting and having us munch all of your food while you wracked your brain with the brackets!

Good games to everyone I played. A lot of people were on point yesterday, it was really sick. After I cap the vids, I’ll have to find out where I can host them n’ all. Shouldn’t be too hard. Ken I coming out of losers to beat us down. Crazy ass Potemkin is all I’ve got to say. Sick ass matches yesterday. Then that Venom match with Justus… oh man. I didn’t play too many people in casuals, I would have liked to play more of you but maybe next time. Thanks again, Purrin!

Also: Bad games to Obi-Wan for forgetting to put my fucking order in at TGI Friday’s then giving me the smallest steak I’ve ever seen in my fucking life like 15 minutes after everyone was done eating. :frowning:

Purrin: I hope you rep’d Team Pink N’ Green in my absence. Together we will invent new Det. Super Lockdowns.

Hopefully my work schedule will be not as hectic when the next tournament comes up.

Great tourney, Purrin! The food was awesome, thanks for hosting. GGs to everyone I played!

Good shit Hang, Jon and Josh… :karate: :badboy: :devil: :china: :hitit: :cybot: :nunchuck:

is that who i think it is? lol
the madness doesn’t end with just cvs2

cock and balls

<- justus

good shit on throwing the first oceanside tourney ever. Aside from the brackets everything was very well run and put together. Lots of people showed up too. I was quite suprised. I’ll help you run that shit next time. And jo, good shit with you too. play sloppy vs johnny and you die for it =( I still say you shoulda flicked a coin at obi wan.

Look forward to the next one purrrrrin…and don’t invite ken I so I can win for once. There’s more than one way to sex up a tourney, no homo.

man, i hate you wankers, why doesnt norcal do this shit :<<<

i miss socal </3

Seriously. I should have challenged him to a money match like Deuce told me to. :clap:

Well, ask Davis peeps, they usually run tourneys :D.


I want hang footage that man is too nice with eddie him > me foe sho! jo is fucking fun to watch i love u guys