Oceanside(SoCal) GG#R Tournament - Sept 24th - Results`

Good job everyone! And Big Thanks to TDO for help with the brackets(he pretty much did everything). And another Big Thanks to Oki (aka Jennifer) for buying all those sweet Pizzas!!

1st KenI (PO)
2nd Render (JO)
3rd Purrin (MA)
4th TDO (SL)
5th Erwin (JA/MA)
5th Pulsr (MA)
7th RazorByrn (TE/ZA)
7th Pignuttz (ED)
9th Seta (DI)
9th BakaBlitz (BR)
9th HellMonkey (BA/ED)
9th Ervin (JO)
13th Kevin (KY)
13th Urzakor (BA/AN)
13th Nocturnal (VE)
13th Hell-RZR (MA)

I may have gotten some charactors wrong. Lemme know and i’ll fix em.

We had some awesome matches going throughout the tournament. The Loser and Winners final were pretty amazing, both going to the last possible round. We didn’t get to record anything matches this time though, hopefully next time around…(We need you JO!) :sad:

Hope to see everyone soon again. Was a Blast. Props to all!


Someone ended up leaving their copy of Korean Reload. It’s an actual “OG” import disc of Reload too, not some lame burnt backup. It was left in HellMonkey’s Blue PS2. Post if it’s yours or send me a PM/AIM.

And I’m still holding Jo’s RF adaptor hostage. It was actually put into use at the tourney since someone forgot their AV cords. Thanks Jo :tup:

good games =0

Mighty KenI for the win?

Good shit render and Purrin for getting 2nd and 3rd. Good stuff. Sorry I wasn’t there, but, rah. Maybe next time, or somethin’. TDO runner up! Just like a gentleman.

Another victory for team RUN

was fun, thanks for hosting purrin

once again thanks for hosting purrin. unfortunately, the only real losers that day were the noodles T_T. the pizza’s just had to come and steal the spotlight away from them. but i love the noodles and i regret not stealing them away for myself.

so what have we learned from this…corrrect never underestimate the power of the pizza…at least at purrin’s place(they just seem to appear from nowhere). gg’s and thanks to who ever brought the noodles, ur efforts shall not go un noticed.

Thanks to Purrin n friends for hosting and supplying the pizza. It was really fun this time around, I was able to play a lot more of you guys: the mighty KenI, Team Gentlemen, and a few other faces. Socal keep on beasting u guys r great! GGs to everyone I played.

You’re right render’s Johnny is a beast. It looks like Im gonna really need to step up my Johnny in hopes to even coming close to u guys! Well, heres to hoping that Jack Hound in / is broke as hell, so I could just spam it and not learn all the hard stuff. But seriously u socal Johnnyz are tuff!

Potemkin POwa! Maybe i should go next time huh purrin.

GG to ppl i played, there were a ton that i didnt recognized nor got their names (or got their names dreadfully confused :P)

render just wanted to more than me, gj at beating me in loser finals.

Seta, keep that dizzy up, you got some nice stuff, it was cool finally putting a face to the internet handle :smiley:

Pig, good shit man, your Eddie has come a long way.

Purrin, one day i’ll figure out the secret to beating you… and expect it to be the near future >=D

Ken I, i wish you hadnt ducked out so early, i was hoping to get some casuals in against your Pot, but you’re team RUN, and as such you gotta RUN.

anyone else i missed, gg’s ppl. I shouldnt have played Eddie for my warmups ^^;;

ggs to everyone, wish i did better though… i felt my performance during the tourney was not what i’m capable of (guess i better practice for next time, haha)

but some funny ass stuff after the tourney
gold matches were fun
so was watchin the intro movie to mortal kombat (poor johnny)
jojo’s bizzare adventure confused the hell out of me, and i wasn’t even playin
anyways, never forget the power of gold kliff!!

A random Midwest guy dropping by to say ‘good job, wyze!’ :tup:

I’m impressed that so many May finished high, by the way.

lol random midwest guy, many thanks. luck had alot to do with it though. hey orka hope u guys r doing well. i’m gonna ransack the uiuc thread sometime so watchout!

GGs to everyone I got to play before, during and after the tourney…I didn’t play so well this tiem around. Had fun playing MB:FT, JoJo and other games with peps as well. See you guys at the next tourney or meet…take care.


Props to KenI for taking out render for me in my absence. :wgrin: If you guys ever hold anything closer to SB / TO area, I’ll hopefully be there.

Where Was Jo??? Tournies Dont Count If They Dont Have Jo!!!

lol. Marn, are you crazy? You should have played render at EVO. His Johnny is a lot better than mine. All tournies are tournies, foo!

Jo said he was taking a break from guilty gear for a while

dustless Baiken matches vs Render for the win >_>

WTF only two Johnnys in the tournament?

This isn’t a real Socal #R tourney.

Karnov vs. Yung Mie, highlight of the day.