[Oct 1, 2011] [TBA] SSFIV:AE Divas Grand Prix, ALL-FEMALE... (California (So-Cal), TBA)

Hello SRK!

Team UCF back again. We have about half of the amount of female contestants needed to run a tournament, so we have come here again seeking sign-ups and overall help from the SRK community to get this So-Cal event finally up and going! The projected date is result of delays and delays due to pretty much, every single factor possible (not enough contestants, still in venue talks, schedule conflicts, time, etc.), and it is pretty soon (in about a month) and because of that it might still not even happen anymore!

So in hopes of getting this tournament going (and hopefully future ones), if you are reading this thread please ask around; friends, friends of your friends, family or whatever, if you or they know of any females that would like to participate in the tournament! There is only so much we can do, so we really need you guys. Any feedback or tips appreciated! Please keep it constructive!

So after all that, here’s at least some info for you guys about the tourney:

VENUE: Howie Game Shack in Buena Park or Round 1 in Puente Hills
TIME: 3:00pm to ???
STREAM: Possibly through our own equipment or we are in talks with pro-streamers
PARTICIPANTS: 4-6 highly confirmed (at least 12 needed!)
TYPE: Double Elimination, 2-3, 2-3
PRIZE: Cash Prizes for sure, amount TBA

Quick update: We have talked with the event coordinator @ Round 1, and the proposition is in process right now. We are awaiting confirmation! stay tuned!