[Oct 10, 2011] CFG Weekly: Tournaments Every Monday Night! (Wilmington, NC)

Can’t wait to see freddy in mk9

Memory Lane Comics is considering doing a UMvC3 release tournment for those who are interested

Sorry guys; gonna be a bit late tonight (probably) q is coming back into town and im in apex nc for some job shit until probably about 3pm. Everything is still going down just may not start right at 4.

Justin, if q doesnt make it until later, please bring mk if possible.

Just aa heads up; see you guys this afternoon!

I won’t get there till around 5 this time. I’ll be bringing my ps2 along with GG and my stick.

Good games everyone. We played a lot of 3rd Strike and GGAC which was definitely refreshing.

By the way, the most recent 4 tournament was…

  1. Roski
  2. deadontime
  3. Hollywood
  4. Andrews
  5. Bushidoblack/TNB

Stay hype! With school back in, tell all your friends 3rd Strike will be in starting next week.

yo Roski, if I’m able to come up there next time, we got to play some CvS2 or KoF XI lol

I’ll be there at 3 p.m. tomorrow, I’m bringing 3S and GGAC along with the usual (MvC3, SSF4 AE, MK9)


I’m all for having as many players as possible, but this ain’t no fuckin soup kitchen. We provide the venue / games, you bring your candy ass and a stick to play on.**** I know the majority of yall are broke, but c’mon…buy a fuckin stick.

the way things look right now…I’m probably gonna pass on tmr…

Yo Roski, if you’re going to change the day to sunday, you might want to let people know when. I seriously need to play some games with you guys.

Is it xbox or PS3?

well for the time being, we’re not doing them. Just doesn’t fit people’s schedules. But for the most part, it’s 360

i’m coming next time. yall better be there.

Do these still happen?

yes. i see Q and several others there each monday, but usually not enough for a tournament.

If these are still going down, ill be a more permanent resident (jax) that is towards the end of november

Good to know man! Yeah even if it’s small we still hold the sessions each monday and get some sets going on.

Just so you know Q hates marvel (still) lol Angus and Roski are still cool.

Good to know these are still happening. I showed up once a few weeks back but nobody was there, figured they were on break until they moved to Sundays. Guess I’ll be showing up again.

Cool. I’ll be there this upcoming monday. Hopefully to mm someone in marvel

sorry guys, i have to close the thread. work has become way too hectic for me to promote or run the tournament on any guaranteed day. i hope someone will take the initiative and make a thread for cfg/the wilmington players. i’ll stop in randomly when i can. good luck to everyone, and i’ll be back at it as soon as i have more time.