[Oct 10, 2011] CFG Weekly: Tournaments Every Monday Night! (Wilmington, NC)

[LEFT]Q and A present NCBC @ Cape Fear Games[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3608 Oleander Dr Suite E[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Wilmington, NC 28403[/LEFT]

[LEFT]Every Monday Night! ****Venue Fee is only $2.00![/LEFT]

[LEFT]CASUALS begin at 4:00pm - SIGNUPS begin at 5:00pm - TOURNAMENTS begin at 6:00pm[/LEFT]

[INDENT=3][LEFT]Tournaments [$5 Entry Each]:[/LEFT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=3][LEFT]Marvel vs. Capcom 3[/LEFT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=3][LEFT]Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition[/LEFT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=3][LEFT]Mortal Kombat 9[/LEFT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=3][LEFT][All games played on 360 except for Tekken; two dual-modded arcade sticks available][/LEFT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=3][LEFT][default settings, 2/3 matches, double elimination, winners/losers/grand finals 3/5][/LEFT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=3][LEFT][Payout: 70/20/10 percent of the tournament entry paid for 1st, 2nd and 3rd][/LEFT][/INDENT]

[INDENT=3][LEFT][SIZE=14px][FONT=Helvetica][FONT=Helvetica]B**[/FONT][/SIZE]**[/FONT]oss Battle Challenge [Free]:[/LEFT][/INDENT]
[INDENT=3][LEFT]Any local players (living in Wilmington, NC) that can defeat me (Roski) in a 2/3 set in either MVC3 or SSF4AE will be rewarded $5.00 out of my own pocket. You must announce prior to playing that the set is for the Boss Battle. No cost to play. No immediate runbacks. Results of each challenge will be posted. GET AT ME![/LEFT][/INDENT]

[LEFT]***Local support is necessary to keep these going so please show your interest through RSVPing, posting, and attending whenever possible. Thanks!***[/LEFT]

[LEFT]We’re hoping to grow and foster the local scene and North Carolina as a whole. We welcome all players, new and old, locals and out-of-towners! Tell your friends and everyone that enjoys fighting games! Spread the word![/LEFT]

[LEFT]To the new and less experienced players: feel free to ask us any questions and we’ll be happy to help. We’re all pretty easy going. We all remember how it was to be the new guy so don’t be worried about speaking up and asking for some tips or strats. I’m not doing the Boss Battle out of arrogance but rather an attempt to create that drive in you locals and light that fire! It shouldn’t be okay to lose…when you do, get pissed! No complacency! Try to learn something and come back stronger next time. Looking forward to many good games![/LEFT]

If everything worked, this should be a recurring thread. All results and updates will be posted here.

Yo Roski, on the real tip dude I actually enjoy coming to that shop more often than before, now that we’ve got NCBC going on.
Everybody I met (Corner-Trap, You, Q etc) was really cool and very helpful when giving me tips on the things I was messing up on. Like blocking.

Good shit to everyone that came out last week! I’ll be doing my part to get more locals out to these and I know Q’s good with graphic art n stuff like that.

Thanks man.! Link everyone you know to the thread!

I’m down for this. Me and a friend might make the journey from Morehead. I’m a decent AE player looking to get into some offline action in the local area, and my friend is just getting started. This event still happening mondays?

yo Roski, could u perhaps bring a copy of 3s or CvS2? I can bring a PS2.

@allcaps: Yes, event happens every monday that we are open or don’t have some big party going on where we have to close the playspace.

allcaps, whatsup man. yep…every Monday!

We’re trying hard to increase attendance, which should happen much easier when school is in. However, when attendance is low, we have a chance to get a lot of games in, which should also speed up the learning process. Let all your friends know, and RSVP is possible. Looking forward to playing some new players.

3s and st a/or hdr please!
I have anniversary edition for ps2, so that’s every freakin sf2 and 3s.
also pretty much every street fighter not in the 3 series or sf1… including gem fighter. all ps2. dust off your hraps, cuz im comin for ya!
I even have svc, kof and whatnot on emulation. And sf ex2.

T.I.M.E. if we have it we’ll be sure to try to make room for more games. With 3S online coming out this month we can possibly make room for a PS2 set-up for that, other than that every game you mentioned is dead and given we only have 3 TV’s we want to make sure people playing the current tournament games have a chance to play / learn.

P.S. I was BEATING Roski…stay free WwwwwwwONNNNNNEE!!!

Dead? No correction, you are looking for games that are FUN. There are people that I know that would show up for a 'Turbo: Hyper Fighting event or an MK II event.
If I were to only play games that were current I might lose it. Sf4 is slow. Too slow. When you have to dash 5 times to cover the space you should be able to cover walking, (or with ONE dash) you have a serious issue.

Also, ST is not dead. I don’t know about hdr’s popularity. I find the new combos interesting.

Roski is never free. I’ve seen the matches against him- judging from the avatar, youare prob the guy that Did Bison mirrors with him last time- and from my experience seeing those, I doubt you are doing much more than gloating about your wins. Congrats for beating him.

Yo…!!! How log have yall been open? I was looking for folks in WIlmington that play. I watched evo all weekend and that hyped me back into playing again.

Good thing this thread is finally moving! Someone please tell Dean, Simon, Junior and Andrews about the thread here. Talk strats or whatever.

blahmayne, the store has been there for a bit to my knowledge, and I don’t work there, but I’ve recently started running the weeklies. Please spread the word; anyone is welcome. Right now we’re really only getting enough for casuals, that’s why it’s so important to get the word out. When school starts up again in three weeks, we’ll continue to post the flyers. I’d even like to walk around and hand some out. What do you play?

  1. If you can get people to show up for that old stuff WITH MONEY to enter a tournament for it…good shit.

  2. First to five, Me Vs[COLOR=#000000]. You[/COLOR] ANY FIGHTING GAME. If you win, I’ll make a spot to run a tournament for (insert old DEAD game) you wanna run at the following NCBC. If you lose, you have to accept that I was “beating” you at you’re own DEAD game. Deal?

As much as I’d like to play the old stuff, it’s probably better for everyone to focus on the new stuff and moving forward. I would love to play CVS2 hardcore again, but what would probably end up happening is a few people who remember it will play, the fewer people who play will beat them, and then everyone will be too rusty to want to play it in a tournament.

3SO will get added in when it comes out. And I will grab people by the neck and do this crazy flying wall move that actually has a purpose.

Sooo you’re saying CVS2 is DEAD?

I play MVC 3 of course…but I stopped playing. Its different playing people online than at ur house than playing with the homies next to you. So I’m sure I’m rusty like no other. I used to get down with Street Fighter IV… I was the store and regional champ when gamestop had their SF iv tournaments but I stopped playing and I have no type of juice left.

Lol damn well what do you play now? :stuck_out_tongue:

Q, CVS2 isn’t dead dead but it’s pretty dead (dead). I love the game though. If 4 or 5 people around here played it hardcore, I would too.

Who is this dude and why have I not seen him before?? I need a rival bruh

PS: Once this monday comes around, I should be able to record matches with that Dazzle.

Looking forward to showing up this monday. Im going to be in jax sometime tonight but ill definitely be here on monday. Consider this my rsvp