[Oct 13, 2012] $2250 King of the Bling Persona, Tekken Tag 2,SFAE, UMVC3, MK9, KOF)... (Antioch, TN)


Bonus $500 for 1st place in

Bonus $250 for 1st place in
MK9 (minimum 16 players required for bonus $$$)
Persona 4 Arena
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (minimum 16 players required for bonus $$$)

This is in ADDITION to the 65/20/10/5 split for the pot for Top 4 placings in each game

The event WILL be streamed, stream information and URL to follow.

Cover charge:

This includes 70 arcade + pinball machines on FREE PLAY while you wait for matches!

Entry fees:
$10 per game

Tournaments will be held on XBOX 360 for ALL games EXCEPT MK9 and TTT2

Bring your own controller/stick/converter. Sharing controllers during matches may result in disqualification.

Saturday October 13th
12pm-Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
2pm-Persona 4 Arena TEAM TOURNAMENTs (State vs State or Region vs Region) run by milln
4pm-Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
7pm-Persona 4 Arena -run by milln

Sunday October 14th
1pm-Mortal Kombat 9 (PS3)
1pm-King of Fighters XIII (run by milln)
4pm-Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (PS3)

Times subject to change. These are the ONLY games in our tournament, side tournaments may be announced in the future but we are giving out an EXTRA $2000 for the 1st place winners in 6 games at the tournament!

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Why is there no buzz about this? 3500 dollars in prices plus pot on a single day. Get hype people!!!


Hope this is a success :). Not sure if I’ll be able to attend because of school, but I’ll spread the word.


We’re changing a few games around so check out the thread when you get a chance!


Ok updated, we are now up to 6 games, no more will be added!

Stream will be done by solidxpanda for most games, others are still open, we FINALLY can stream with COMCAST, yay us, lol


This is going to be AWESOME.


I might just have to show up for this. Yep.


Duck should definitely show up for this.



Who ever the TO is please contact me thru PM. Thanks a lot


I’ll spread the word for love of the scene, but I’m saddened that the entire state of Tennessee just seems to really hate Skullgirls. -_-


Team Tournaments for Persona ANNOUNCED, milln will bring on more info


I might have to come to this after all. It’s been a long time. =D


So first place in Tag 2 will be 500 plus entry?


Can someone please tell me what’s the closest airport to this location?


Nashville International Airport is the closest.

Also, get hype guys and spread the word, this is already looking to be a big tournament and we have a month to go still!


Called in a favor and got this stickied. Thanks Pryde! :slight_smile:


Bump, changed to $2000; there is a lack of support for MK9 and TTT2 so we are requiring minimum numbers for the extra pot in that tournament…


1st place will be $250 + 65% of entry fees if we get 16 players registering for Tekken. It went down because we had a whopping 1 person for bonus $100 tournament today and we need to protect ourselves…only MK and TTT have changed…just not a lot of players in the area apparently


That’s actually really surprising, considering the strong TTT2 talent in Memphis and Atlanta. o_o


Chicago would go if KoF was the same day as AE and Marvel. Regardless ill post it in the Chi FB group to get more heads going.

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