Oct. 13 Arcana Hearts at UP Philly, PA ..... Philly vs. NYC round 2?

date is already set in stone at 13th


when: October 13th
where: UP, in Illadelphia, PA. UP is located on 40th and Spruce…
what : Arcana Hearts of course!!!
who: anyone can enter
how much: im thinking it’s gonna be five like last time

well im looking foward to this… GET HYPE BITCHES… IM TAKING FIRST… LOL

Time will be the same as last time, registrations at 4pm and actual tourney at 5pm

Best believe I’m entering

It’s a week after. Philly should come down to NY instead.

well you’ll have to talk to lil’e about that man…

edit: most of them are going to w2z anyway (slammin saturday nights) so im sure will be coming to see ya…lol


I forgot somone already posted this tournament

haha you silly person.,.!!

also hearing of the new sticks is nice yo!!! i can’t wait to cream you guys…!!!

bump it up… i hope you philly peeps are ready… coming for dat rock shit

I’m going to Long Island instead.

Seeing as how they put their thread up two weeks prior.


it’s cool… but dog i been had this up for the past two weeks and shit… .but it’s cool though… it’ s just withering away at the bottom for a min…

I think I may come through.

Anyone coming to this?:confused:

ill still be there…

so just come over… shit ill just give the five anyway just so i can get the fucking comp…

Ok then…