[Oct 14, 2011] Season's Beatings: Velocity - U.S. vs. World 2, $5K MvC3/SF4 (Columbus, OH)




Only 3 days until this event! Anybody got any bets going down on who’s going to take MVC3 & AE? After watching Wong at Dev, seems as though he was simply there to practice :wink:

I have a small request. Im driving there ( a 2+hr drive from mid ohio but didnt get a room, if someone has any spare room somewhere id appreciate it and i could be a ride if someone needs one. message me or something plz. Im only competing in the ss4ae tourney but id like to shower everyday lol

Is anyone else from the Illinois valley going to SB?

yeah jsun2k me and my girl have a room at varsity inn south we need help with because someone we were goin in on it with backed out (the room is already reserved for fri and sat night we just need 120$ from someone and thats not that bad at all, it has 2 beds also just to let you know…; lol) I just sent you a msg on your page about it all so pls let us know ASAP! :smiley: thanks again!

The final line up for the US team

Justin Wong
Ricky Ortiz
PR Balrog
WolfKrone (Captain)


No idea about the final line up for Team World, but I think it’s safe to say it could be these 5 guys


We’re happy to announce that Gummowned and and co. will be attending SB! Bring your wallet and your sticks that need a gdlk mod!

Contact him at gummowned@gmail.com.

Strogg will be there as well!

Daigo has to go to Kuwait next wednesday(Jp time). Of course, unless he is crazy enough to go to SB, go back to Japan, then almost immediately has to fry to Kuwait.

Hey bring 15 players with me, can’t wait. Party time Philly style.

Pretty sure there are planes from US to kuwait so he doesn’t need to go back to japan.

Whos showing up on thursday? We should get some matches in.

does anyone have a ps2 -> ps3 converter i could borrow/buy?

More than a few of mine have been stolen so I might as well sell off one of my remaining ones to you. Lemme look around to see what I have still.

btw Hori will be selling sticks so BRING cashola! Then mod them at Gum Mods’ station!

Bring singles for our cash raffle too – Dual mod Hori VLX from Fingercramp and a Qanba from Focus Attack are the main prizes! Plus MarkMan’s MCZ sticks and more Hori products and MORE!

if you father was smart, he wouldnt let you room with me.

I sent an E-mail to the hatalawriting@gmail.com E-mail and I still haven’t heard anything about my refund. Should there be another E-mail address I should E-mail about getting a refund?

I got you bro. Ill bring all the converters I have that means 360 to PS3 and PS2 to PS3/PC and ps2 to gamecube if anyone needs that, plus ill bring my Sega Saturn pad and TE Stick even tho im not using my TE stick (its a 360 one)

Kraker give me a sec and ill check my messages

I’ll be there with my camera taking photos and covering the event.

Also, just curious, I got a PS2 -> Dreamcast adapter that i’m no longer using that I’d like to offload for 25. To have a few extra bucks to possibly throw in the raffle and whatnot Any takers?

anyone else need a roomate?

yo anyone looking for a ps2 -> 360 converter? Ill sell my xconverter360 at sb with a wired 360 pad for $20.00 obo at sb. Need more rice bowl money

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it to this event, I have something I have to take care of.

I sent a BUNCH of prizes/goodies. Please enjoy FGC <3

I’ll be watching the stream every chance I get.