[Oct 15, 2012] MINDGAMES FIGHT CLUB presents...MONDAY NIGHT FIGHTS! (Greensboro, NC)


Edited 10/1/2012

MINDGAMES coordinator, Torrence (BFP Brown Kool-Aid) (336) 937-0040
BFP COO, Vincent (BFP Big V From NC) (336) 391-0003

7:30pm - 1am
Registration Ends at 9pm

$5 - Venue
$5 - Game
Bring Your Own Controller/FightStick

- Default settings
- Double elimination
- 70/20/10 pot split
- Pausing results in a disqualification
- Game ending glitches result in a disqualification
- Use of programmable settings on a controller results in a disqualification
- Draws result in a rematch

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Version 2012
- Winner can’t change character but can change ultra
- Loser can change character and ultra
- 2/3, 3/5 Finals
- PS3

Persona 4 Arena
- Winner can’t change
- Loser can change
- 2/3, 3/5 Finals
- PS3, Xbox 360

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
- Winner can’t change team
- Loser can change team
- No simple mode
- 3/5
- PS3, Xbox 360

If you are bringing a setup, let us know in advance what you want to bring so we can account for that.
Venue will be waived if we are utilizing your setup.
If you bring a setup, be prepared to STAY FOR DURATION and have all updates for each game you bring.

When one scene grows, we ALL grow.


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I will be in the house.


YES!!! I can’t believe the gods have answered my prayers. How long have ya’ll been doing this in Greensboro?


Yea we in there, let’s go BFP!!! We been doing it about 3 to four months I think, maybe a lil longer. Bring as many people as you want to, everyone is welcome


Lets get this thread pumpin. Bringing a updated PS3 and 32’ toshiba tv for tournament. RDU IN THE HOUSE!!!

Preview of the power of Anasatsuken!!!


Why don’t I see you in the 3s threads anymore?


Did not know the thread was still active. Been playing new stuff like KOF XIII and SF IV. Don’t you have to have one of those heavy ass tv’s and a original mother board to play 3rd on anyway?


Nope, I’m lagging on hd and oe like everyone else.


The heavy ass tv is a CRT. PS2 only or CPS3 mother board. The end.


July dates:
July 10th (a VERY important birthday)
July 24th


Bringing TV, PS3, and SF AE:2O12.


Sorry i will not be able to make it out tonight, work related stuff. See you guys on the 24.


Whoah. Like this Tuesday? Every Tuesday? That’s freaking cool. I’ll be there. But do you have to pay the five bucks to play the game or is there a practice area?


Every other Tuesday. $3 to just play casuals and not enter. To enter it’s $5 venue fee & $5 per game.



I will be there with PS3, TV, and two copies of AE. I will be taking 1 dollar Tekken 6 money matches for anybody that want wants to try. Lets be first to get ready for Tekken Tag 2. Information and frame data will be supplied. Also will be giving starter information for KOF XIII as well take a look. Lets add Tekken 6 and KOF XIII to line up for PS3 SOON!!! READY…GO!!




Thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting TNT! Good games to all! S/o to the out-of-towners who came through and represented.

1: Situational Irony
2: TG GameWizard
3: Zero_Gamer
4: TG Sneak
5: ToTo
5: TG East

1: TG Sneak
2: TG Conrizzle
3: ReSe Schixo
4: Life Support
5: BFP Bobbie Fiasco
7: BFP Big V From NC
7: Rod
9: JayRad
9: BFP Kid Azul
9: MF Ice Mike


Cool Points SEASON 1 RANKINGS (Updated 8/21):

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3:

  1. TG | Sneak 12 CP
  2. TG | Conrizzle 10 CP
  3. Life Support 7 CP
  4. BFP | Bobbie Fiasco 4 CP
  5. ReSe Schixo 4 CP
  6. Zoogstin 3 CP
  7. BFP | Kid Azul 3 CP
  8. Rod 2 CP
  9. WEST 2 CP
  10. BFP | Big V From NC 1 CP
  11. JayRad 1 CP
  12. Torch 1 CP
  13. Booster 1 CP
  14. Gercksid 1 CP
  15. MF Ice Mike 1 CP

Persona 4 Arena:

  1. Situational Irony 6 CP
  2. TG GameWizard 5 CP
  3. Zero_Gamer 4 CP
  4. TG Sneak 3 CP
  5. ToTo 2 CP
  6. TG East 2 CP

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ver. 2012:

  1. WEST 6 CP
  2. PMoney 5 CP
  3. TG Game Wizard 4 CP
  4. TG East 3 CP
  5. BFP Brown Kool-Aid 2 CP


I need more Cool points, had an awesome time at TNT though. Goo BFP!!!